WPBA Midwest Classic Field Narrows

WPBA Midwest Classic Field Narrows
After a rough day for the one-loss side Friday, the field at the WPBA’s Midwest Classic tournament has narrowed. There are eight undefeated billiards players remaining in the winners’ side, while the west side of the chart is still battling to see who will earn a pass back to the A side.
Defending champion Karen Corr still remains unscathed, having bested Anna Kostanian 9-6 earlier. Gerda The G-Force Hofstatter scored a 9-4 win over Dawn Hopkins to advance. Jeanette Lee survived one of the event’s toughest hill-hill nail-biters over Kelly Fisher, and Xiaoting Pan minced through Vivian Villareal easily 9-3.
In another double-hill match-up, England’s Sarah Ellerby survived going up against Ga-Young Kim, while Joanne Ashton of Canada also is in the remaining eight, having won 9-7 over Kim Shaw. Helena Thornfeldt won 9-7 over Monica Webb, and Allison Fisher sent Jasmin Ouschan to the one-loss side 9-5.
Still fighting to return in the final 16 are some of the tour’s top players, including Julie Kelly, Tiffany Nelson, Rachael Abbink, Melissa Little, and Ewa Laurance.
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