Viking Tour at Randolph’s Billiards

Viking Tour at Randolph’s Billiards
Randolph’s Billiards hosted the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour this weekend and the Christmas Spirit was abounding at Randolph’s this weekend. Players from near and far came in to participate in the events and take their shot at some extra Christmas cash this weekend. Not only did players have the opportunity to make some extra Santa dough from The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours events many of them stuck around to participate in Randolph’s Sunday nite Handicap Tournament which had another 44 players. Randolph’s was packed with action all weekend long as players went head to head in a friendly game of 9-Ball.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours two events had 93 participants. The Open event consisted of 55 players with 12 Free entries for women and Jr players. The Amateur event consisted of 38 players with 6 Free entries for women and Jr players. The events had a combined total of $7500 in payouts.

The Open Division was won by Mike Fuller with a whopping $2100 payout. Fuller had quite an exciting trip to take first place with the luck of the draw he faced his dad Peaches Fuller in the first round sending him and all of his upcoming opponents to the one loss side Mike had some pretty tough competion as he steam rolled thru the top half of the bracket. Mike defeated Peaches Fuller 7-6; Chuck Ritchie 7-0; Skip Coffey 7-1; Ronnie Park 7-5; Mike continued on his winning streak to defeat professional players Mike Davis 7-5; Larry Nevel 7-3; only to face him again in the hot seat and send him to second place 7-5.

Larry Nevel rolled thru the bottom half of the bracket until he faced Mike Fuller in the quarter finals where he was sent to the one loss side. Nevel begin by defeating Zack Boch 7-1; Jeff Pruitt 7-5; Ed Killough 7-1; Tony Watson 7-3 where Nevel fell behind 3-1 and Watson failed to make a ball on the break for game 4 which gave Nevel the opening he needed to run out a 6 pack against Watson sending him to the one loss side.

Open Division:

1st Mike Fuller
2nd Larry Nevel
3rd Mike Davis
4th Ron Park
5/6th Jeff Abernathy, Tony Watson
7/8th Adam Pendley, Greg Gilliam
9/12th Mark Bumgarner, Marcus Pendley, Claude Marrier, Eddie Little,

The Amateur Division was won by Chuck Ritchie who began his trek to 1st place in the bottom half of the bracket and went undefeated to the finals. In the first round he drew a bye then proceeded to send all his opponents to the left side of the chart beginning with Aimie Kilby 5-1; Rory Dover 5-2; Katie Cowan 5-3; Jim Davis 5-3; Brent Newman 5-2; and once again facing Rory Dover in the finals 5-3.

Rory Dover took second after drawing a bye in round one facing and defeating Ed Killough 5-1; before being sent to the left side by Ritchie 5-2; Dover fought his way back to the finals by defeating Mike T 5-1; Dennis Killough 5-2; Jim Davis 5-3; Kyle Helms 5-2: and Brent Newman in the semi finals 5-3.

Amateur Division:

1st Chuck Ritchine
2nd Rory Dover
3rd Brent Newman
4th Kyle Helms
5/6th Jim Davis and Greg Whittington
7/8th Dennis Killough and Chad Smith

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to extend a special thank you to Randy and Becky as well as all the great staff that made this holiday weekend away from home an enjoyable experience for our staff as well as all the players.


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