Viking Billiards Tour Offers Health Insurance

Viking Billiards Tour Offers Health Insurance
Just about every day, a staff member at Viking Tour gets asked the following question: Do you have a health insurance program for player members or business associate members? Beginning this month, the answer is yes!
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour has just launched a new membership-only benefit: Viking Tour Health and Benefits Solutions. Through this new program, Viking Tour player members and business associate members across the country can take advantage of lower rates and broader benefits on comprehensive health insurance (individual or group), life insurance, long-term care, dental, disability, and critical illness. Health Benefits Professionals Association Health Programs of Overland Park, KS, has been retained to administer the program.
Under the program, many Viking Tour player members and business associate members will be able to take advantage of lower pricing and creative solutions in healthcare because of the high volume of business administered by Association Health Programs. With over 160 national associations, over 2.5 million members, 18 years providing associations with member benefits, and large blocks of business with the insurance carriers, this allows for Viking Tour members to realize savings up to 40% on their insurance needs. Accordingly, Viking Tour player members and business associate members will benefit by favorable underwriting practices and pricing because of the volume of business AHP does with major insurance carriers. This will aid our members initially and at renewal.
Viking Tour player members and business associate members who currently provide health insurance coverage for themselves or their employees should take a moment to compare their existing plan with one offered by the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Tour/AHP. Plus members who want to begin providing health insurance and other benefits should begin shopping with the Viking Tour.
Health insurance is available to the group or individuals within the companies of Viking Tour business associate members on a discriminatory or select basis. With this new program, your part-time and full-time employees can have access to coverage without ever losing their coverage, and employers can afford to provide access to their employees for health insurance.
In addition to health insurance, Viking Tour player members and business associate members should investigate the long-term care program. This offers our members access to every long-term care provider nationwide at up to 40% savings. Long-term care is the fastest-growing segment of the health insurance industry as average life expectancy lengthens and the cost of home care, assisted living, and nursing home care continues to escalate.
Our life insurance programs should benefit our members by savings and underwriting for risk while saving up to 20% off current and new policies. Disability income, critical illness, guaranteed issue limited medical plans for the uninsurable, dental and vision are just a few of the other benefits we can offer members.
For more information on becoming a Viking Tour player member or business associate members or to get started if you are already a member, e-mail the Viking Tour at ( or call 1-800-200-POOL (7665) to get your Viking Tour member information insurance packet.
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour is proud to be the first tour in the U.S. to ever offer these types of benefits to our Viking Tour player members and business associate members. For more information about the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour, please log onto


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