U.S. Bar Table 10-Ball Event Drops to 12

U.S. Bar Table 10-Ball Event Drops to 12
by Rick Davis
The U.S. Bar Table Championships moved smoothly into day two, where the 85-player field has been chipped down to only 12, and when the evening rounds conclude only 4 will remain. Taking place at the Sands Regency Hotel and Casino in Reno, NV, this week-long event features action in 10-ball, 9-ball, and 8-ball and offers an additional all-around prize.
Early in the day Jose Parica got his walking papers from Justin Bergman after a defeat by Gabe Owen. Scott “The Freezer” Frost had a great showing in the afternoon as he defeated Rodolfo Luat but then fell to favorite Shane Van Boening. Possibly not the favorite early on, Van Boening has already secured his spot in the hot seat match, where he will face Edwin Montal Wednesday morning. Montal had a great day as well, sending Owen to the one-loss side, as well as a handful of other players.
Tonight’s evening rounds will see the remaining ten players on the one-loss side will narrow down to two, who will return with Van Boening and Montal Wednesday. Top names include Tyler Edey, Luat, and the feature match of the evening between Cliff Joyner and Owen. Also, waiting in the wings are Frost and Adam Behnke, who will each face one of the other remaining eight players to form the quarterfinal match.
Wednesday’s action will hit the brakes before the finals, however, as the 9-ball action gets rolling around 2 p.m. Currently there are over 100 entries, and that number will continue to rise until the noon cutoff time. After a full day of 9-ball play, the 10-ball finals will take place at 10 p.m. local time Wednesday.
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