Nevels Gets Vengeance on Viking Billiard Tour

Nevels Gets Vengeance on Viking Billiard Tour

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was at Weekend’s Pub in Goose Creek, SC this weekend for the $1,500 added Open and $500 added Amateur Divisions which drew in 73 players. Players from as far away as Canada and California came to participate. From Canada, Shawn The Snowman Miller and Lance Salazar from California made their way to the events.

For the second week in a row the Viking Tour open division saw Larry The Truth Nevel battling it out in the finals against Jeff The Golden Horseshoe Boy Abernathy. However this week was a Little different. Abernathy The Golden Horseshoe Boy fought hard to get to the finals of the winners bracket by edging by two of his previous opponents in luck filled matches that thrilled the audience until the last ball had fallen in each match. Both of Abernathy’s previous opponents were quoted as saying Jeff should take his winnings and buy lottery tickets this week. He must have a Golden Horseshoe stuck in his ….. this week. Abernathy admitted that the last two matches before the Hot Seat match were by far the luckiest two matches he had since double dipping Nevel last week in the finals to win the Greenville, SC Viking Tour stop. For the Hot Seat match this week things were a tad bit different for Abernathy as he put rack after rack together and defeated Nevel 9-4 to be the final person standing in the winners bracket.

Abernathy made his way Through the field to get to the finals sending every player in his path to the one loss side, Steven Pelloni 9-2; JR Farias 9-4; Shawn Miller 9-6; Larry Jackson 9-8; Lance Salazar 9-8; Larry Nevel 9-4.

Nevel drilled thru his opponents one after another starting with Cliff Cribb 9-7; Tammy Leonard 9-0; Scott Rabon 9-7; Jason Kelsey 9-1; Mike Basha 9-5; In the battle for the hot seat Nevel was sent to the one loss side by Abernathy 9-4. Nevel then hit the 1-loss side where drilled Larry Jackson 9-2 to set up a rematch with the Golden Horseshoe Boy .

Abernathy’s winning streak was brought to a halt when he faced Nevel in the Finals and Nevel was out for vengeance this week as he drilled Abernathy 9-3 in the first set and 9-1 in the second set of the true double elimination format to win the event.

Farias Wins 9 Straight in the 1-Loss Side for the Win

Jose Farias JR lost his second match in winners bracket 7-3 to Cliff Cribb then won nine straight matches in a row to take down and win the event.

On the path to the finals Farias drew a bye in the first round then proceeded in the top half of the bracket to face and send to the one loss side Jason Benton 7-5; however he was sent to the one loss side in his second match against Cliff Cribb 7-3; once on the one loss side Farias had to fight to stay alive facing and defeating anyone he squared up against starting with Mel Johnson 5-0; Chris McKasty 5-1; Bill Allen 5-2; Billy Sikes 5-4; Tony Crescenzo 5-1; Rocky Guell 5-0; winning over BJ Hucks in the semi-finals 5-2 sending him to face Chad Stokes in the finals where he had to beat him twice in the true double elimination format offered by the Viking Cue 9-Ball tour. In the finals Farias won set 1- 7-3 and set 2-5-2.

Chad Stokes made his way thru the bottom half of the bracket on the winner side with ease facing and defeating Sherri Reeves 7-0; Daniel Pittman 7-6; Bill Allen 7-2; Rocky Guell 7-1; BJ Hucks 7-4 before facing Farias in the Finals.

The total PRIZE MONEY given away at this weekends Viking Tour event was $6,390.00

The Payouts for the Open Division are as follows:
1st $1720 –Larry Nevel
2nd $1050–Jeff Abernathy
3rd $700– Larry Jackson
4th $–400–Lance Salazar
5th/6th $150 each–Mike Basha Shawn Miller
7th/8th $85 each– Donnie Seagraves John Stallings

The Payouts for the Amateur Division are as follows:
1st $850-JR Farias
2nd $550–Chad Stokes
3rd $350–BJ Hucks
4th $ 150–Rocky Guell
5th/6th $75 each–Jason Kelsey Tony Crescenzo

The Viking Tour is pleased to report that a total of 16 Women and Junior players took advantage of our free entry fee program in this weeks events as well as three Active Military Personnel. The Viking Cue 9-Ball tour is proud to be the first to offer these discounts to our Military Personnel and Free entry to Women and Junior players at all of our events. We hope to continue to see the participation we have seen so far in an effort to grow and support our sport.


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