Nevel Takes Great Southern Billiard Tour Finale

Nevel Takes Great Southern Billiard Tour Finale
By Michael Basha
Larry “The Truth” Nevel took his ninth win today on the Great Southern Billiard Tour in the form of a 15-3 drubbing of second-place finisher Sparky Ferrell in the tour’s finale. Tour director Shannon Daulton announced Nevel as the Player of the Year just before the finals for his eight previous wins on the Great Southern Billiard Tour, including a daunting three-pack of tournament wins at the end of last year.
It was obvious why Daulton made his decision as Nevel ran out from the break 11 times out of 15, including two 9 balls on the snap en route to an uncontested victory. Ferrell took the first game but remained at one, while Nevel built a substantial lead at seven games, and Ferrell only managed to get two more games before Nevel’s lead grew to unassailable proportions. Ferrell played as well as he was allowed to, but Nevel simply overwhelmed him with ridiculous firepower and air-tight safety play. Ferrell pocketed $2,000 for his efforts, with Nevel taking the lion’s share of $3,000 for his first-place finish. After the match, Ferrell eyed the first place trophy made of crystal and said, “One of these days, that’s going to be mine.”
1st Larry Nevel
2nd Sparky Ferrell
3rd Jesse Middlebrook
4th Jonathan Pinegar
5th Rafael Martinez
Alex Pagulayan
7th Shane Van Boening
Chad Vilmont


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