Luethi Lassos a Billiard Win

Luethi Lassos a Billiard Win
Tri-State Tour / Edison, NJ

by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour pulled into The Sand Castle in Edison, NJ, where Chris Luethi bested the 45-player field during the March 29 event to take home the title. This event was a B-D handicapped 9-ball event, and its double-elimination format made for some great action.
On the winners’ side Michael Seas defeated Angelo Quadara 7-3, while Luethi bested Jason Egeln 6-5. Then, in the hot seat match set, Luethi edged out Seas 6-5 to claim the king of the hill seat. Over on the one-loss side Ben Sadowski ousted Brian Cap 7-2 but then fell to Egeln 6-2, who then reached the plateau of the quarterfinal match. On the other side of the chart Sal Lanuto eliminated Bogie Udejczyk 7-5 but was then uprooted by Quadara 7-5 on his way through the chart. Quadara flew through the quarterfinals, drilling Egeln 7-3 there and then knocked out Seas 7-4 in the semifinals.
With the event coming to a close, Luethi faced Quadara in the finals, and after the match tipped back and forth, Luethi managed to finish ahead by a nose, earning the event title with the 7-6 win in the finals.
1st Chris Luethi
2nd Angelo Quadara
3rd Michael Seas
4th Jason Egeln
5th Sal Lanuto
Ben Sadowski
7th Bogie Udejczyk
Brian Cap


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