IPT Viewers Choice Challenge Match

IPT Viewers Choice Challenge MatchPress Release

It’s time to make the voting more interesting! Phase Two of the player voting starts now. Basic Members can now vote twice per day. This new phase will allow you to either double-up on votes for your favorite player, or, you can vote for the two players you would like to see match up. Either way, get out there and support your favorite player(s). And remember, the live broadcast and player voting is absolutely free.

A few players have jumped out to a small early lead. Vilmos Foldes from Hungary, Austrians Jasmin Ouschan and Gerda Hofstatter are all fighting for the top position. These players have benefitted from some viral marketing, including an article on a popular Hungarian web site promoting Foldes. Other players climbing up in the rankings include the U.K.’s Karl Boyes and Darren Appleton, whose personal appeals to the pool forums crowd have paid off so far for them. Hall of Fame member Earl Strickland is rapidly moving up on the chart as well.

Fans can go to International Pool Tour and vote. Now that Basic Members have two votes each, per day, the dedicated fans are going to have more influence. Player biographies and statistics are available for those voters who are unsure of whom to vote for. Click Here to go directly to the voting page.

The April 29th match will be broadcast live on the IPT web site for free! The match is the fourth live challenge match of the Ultimate 8-Ball challenge match series. For more match details, the voting page, and the live results, visit the International Pool Tour web site (http://www.internationalpooltour.com).


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