IPT Day One

IPT Day OneDay one of the IPT King of the Hill tournament was a major success. Players and tour members were in awe at the magnitude of the production and the size of the set and tournament area. Most players polled admitted that they have never seen anything like this anywhere in their careers. The main arena is a very dramatic and dazzling set that features VIP seating that is as close to the table as possible! The main tournament room is filled with first class decorations and graphics that remind those at the event of the golden era of pocket billiards.Players showed up in shirts and ties and female players dressed accordingly. When IPT players show up to play their matches, they are clearly different looking than the typical spectator and this stand out as the professionals they are. Play kicked off at 10am with 30 players competing all day to try and make the 15 player cut for the second day of competition. In the afternoon, Johnny Damon (Boston Red Sox) stopped by the tournament to check out some matches and knock some balls around with Mike Sigel, the current King of the Hill.


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