International Pool Tour News

International Pool Tour NewsDear IPT Supporter:The IPT has undergone incredible growth over the last few months. Building a profitable international pool tour is a huge undertaking. It takes a tremendous commitment in financial resources, manpower, and time. Something of this magnitude does not happen overnight. The IPT is fully committed for the long term. We have the financial resources, business expertise, long-term vision, and exciting future corporate partners that will ensure that the IPT continues to grow and expand for many, many years to come! Here are some updates on various issues:Worldwide TV Contracts – There has been tremendous worldwide interest in the purchasing of the King of the Hill TV series, and acquiring rights to broadcasting the entire 2006 season. The bidding war and negotiations amongst all the television broadcasters has been exciting and time consuming. We have made our decisions and will be announcing the exact times and networks that will handle the IPT 2006 tournament schedule within the next two weeks.


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