Lady Winners Down to 8 Lady Winners Down to 8
by Skip Maloney
The possibility that the top four winners from the Women’s Professional Billiard Associaiton (WPBA) San Diego Classic in April could face off against each other in the winners’ side of the 9-Ball Championships in Charlotte, NC, remained intact after Sunday night. Allison Fisher, Gerda Hofstatter, Karen Corr, and Ga-Young Kim advanced to the final eight on the winners’ side and will look to get by Helena Thornfeldt, Kelly Fisher, Anna Kostanian, and Xiaoting Pan, respectively, to put them into the final two winners’-side matches.
Jeanette Lee, Iris Ranola, and Monica Webb were among the eight players sent westward on Sunday, with Lee falling to Hofstatter, Ranola to Ga-Young Kim, and Webb to Kelly Fisher. As Allison Fisher was sending Vivian Villareal west, Corr was doing likewise to Joanne Ashton.
Sunday action on the one-loss side saw four players continue their quest back to the semifinals by winning their third straight match since dropping into the western bracket after the opening qualifying round on Friday. Melissa Herndon, Nicole Albergaria, Jennifer Chen, and Alice Rim will join Kim Shaw, Melissa Little, Debbie Schjodt, and Dawn Hopkins (all who had survived a second round on the winners’ side) in facing Saturday’s additions from the winners’ bracket in a battle for the 17th through 24th slots in the prize package.
As the final 24 in the women’s tournament continue their quest for the championship title, the men will get underway with top names like Ralf Souquet, Shane Van Boening, Mika Immonen, and Johnny Archer scheduled to begin competing in Monday’s opening round.
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