Derby City Classic One-Pocket Field Thinning

Derby City Classic One-Pocket Field Thinning
Mike Fieldhammer, InsidePOOL Staff
Round seven of the one-pocket division began Wednesday evening with 35 billiards players and fans are stacked in the aisles to get a glimpse of some of the great matches.
Larry “The Truth” Nevel bested Shane Van Boening 3-1, but it didn’t dampen Van Boening’s spirits. He smiled and signed autographs after the match. Thorsten Hohmann was knocked out of the tournament by Scott “The Freezer” Frost with a tricky three-rail bank shot on the 14 ball. This was right after some fireworks by Hohmann when “The Hitman” jacked up and jumped an object ball clear over two interfering balls to count one.
Ronnie Wiseman won three racks in a row against Louis Ulrich for his first loss of the tournament. Wiseman said, “I had him trapped pretty good on both my breaks. I won the lag. The second game, I forced him to shoot at a tough shot and I ran out.” About Ulrich being undefeated thus far he added, “The draw is everything. I know he’s having a good year, but he might have drawn seven easy matches in a row.” Asked if he has ever gambled with Ulrich, Weisman said, “No … but I’d like to!”
Gabe Owen, who downed Francisco Bustamante on the TV table in round six with a spectacular and daring bank shot and run-out to win, drew the bye.
More one-pocket results and 9-ball coverage will be available as the tournament progresses. The 9-ball event kicked off today with a staggering 439 entrants. Visit InsidePOOL for the latest news on the Tenth Annual Derby City Classic.


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