Derby City Classic One-Pocket Field Down to 134

Derby City Classic One-Pocket Field Down to 134
Of the original field of 390 billiard players, the DCC one-pocket division entrants have been whittled down to 134. Shawn Putnam, third-place finisher in the banks, suffered a serious blow to his chances of winning the all-around title. Putnam lost to Brian White and then was knocked out in the fourth by Mitchell Ellerman. Putnam said earlier in the day, “I wasn’t that upset about finishing third in the banks and not winning it. I really just want to win the all-around.”
Putnam finished has previously finished high one-pocket division, and many people thought he was a possible spoiler to Efren “The Magician” Reyes’ run at a repeat of the all-around title. As yet, Reyes remains undefeated in the one-pocket division.
The father and son pair of Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez can sleep in tomorrow morning. Both suffered their second loss tonight. Legendary one-pocket player Buddy “The Rifleman” Hall beat Ernesto 3-1 in under an hour. On a neighboring table, Minnesotan Beau Runningen took a bit longer to put away Oscar three games to two.
Other fourth-round matches of note include Charlie Williams over Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan, Santos Sambajon Jr. over Fabio Petroni, Ike Runnels against Mike Davis, and Tony Mougey handed Corey Deuel his first one-pocket loss.
The last division at the DCC, the 9-ball event, begins Wednesday, and the players who did not participate in the first two divisions have begun to arrive.
The One Pocket Hall of Fame, headed by Steve Booth, inducted several past greats into their hallowed halls. Joining the select few members this year were Jimmy Fusco, Jimmy Hippie Jimmy Reid (Lifetime Action Award), Billy Pittsburgh Billy Incardonia, George and Paul Jansco (the Jansco Brothers), and Donnie The Cincinatti Kid Anderson. See the videos to check out some of the festivities from the induction ceremony.


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