Corr Repeats Midwest Classic Victory

Corr Repeats Midwest Classic Victory

Dominating the competition at the WPBA’s Midwest Classic, Karen Corr swept the field to take top honors again. Hosted by the Riverwind Casino in Norman, OK, this event brought out the toughest female competitors on tour.
After the field had narrowed to its final-16, single-elimination format, Corr, who went undefeated through the tournament, knocked out Vivian The Texas Tornado Villareal 9-6 to advance to the quarterfinals. There she ousted Monica Webb to go on to play Ga-Young Kim, who had just defeated Xiaoting Pan. With a 7-5 victory over Kim, Corr set herself up to play in the final match.
Meeting her there was Allison Fisher, who had an equally tough lineup to get through. After defeating Jasmin Ouschan 9-5 to reach the final 16, she then had to best Ouschan again 9-7. From there she eliminated Kelly Fisher in the quarterfinals and then dusted Sarah Ellerby 7-2 to reach the finals. But she fell flat against defending champion Corr, who was able to win with a 7-5 score.

Open Results:

Karen Corr

Allison Fisher

Ga-Young Kim

Sarah Ellerby

Kelly Fisher

Rachael Abbink

Xiaoting Pan

Monica Webb

Vivian Villareal

Gerda Hofstatter

Jeanette Lee

Anna Kostanian

Dawn Hopkins

Helena Thornfeldt

Joanne Ashton

Jasmin Ouschan


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