Cheapshot Billiard Supplies

Cheapshot Billiard Supplies

Spending countless hours searching the web for the best deals on gameroom accessories and billiard supplies?  Inside POOL Magazine has a good tip. carries all the equipment your pool table has been needing, featuring quality supplies and accessories to keep both its style and performance in top physical condition, without breaking the bank. Carrying everything from Aramith Pool Balls to Instructional Trick Shot DVDs, is the premier online destination for all things pool-related, and even offers free shipping on each and every order over $50. Don’t forget to enter the “Name the Cheapshot Billiards Logo Contest” while you visit.

Players pool sticks

Experience Superior Performance & Design with a Players Cue.

One of the best selling cues in America for 11 years running, Players pool cues have long provided their customers with quality construction and exquisite design…all at an incredibly reasonable price. Each cue features a 100% North American hard rock maple shaft and a high-gloss UV finish, and offer increased protection against chipping and fading. The incredible selection of Players cues offered at also features Le Pro tips, high impact ferrules and exotic hardwood butts.

Lucasi pool cues

For a Quality Pool Stick at an Incredible Price, Choose a Lucasi Cue.

Ensuring high quality and a solid hit in each and every affordably priced cue, there’s no wonder why Lucasi is one of the most popular cues on the market. Excelling in both style and performance, Lucasi cues offer a wide array of features, including Uni-Loc, Quick Release Joints, Ivorine III Ferrules, and many more additions that come standard with every Lucasi cue. offers a fantastic selection of these remarkable cues.

Viking pool cues

Make Shots Like the Pros with a Viking Pool Cue.

Providing the straightness and structural integrity a professional needs in their pool stick, Viking cues are designed to reach unmatched levels of playability. Each and every Viking billiards cue is made to promote greater cue ball control and enhance shot accuracy. Adding to their charm is an original ferrule and a pro tapered shaft that’s been perfected for over 35 years. One of America’s oldest cue manufacturers, Viking has the experience to truly know what a player needs to reach the pinnacle of their performance.

pool sticks

Grab a Great Deal on Quality Pool Sticks

Featuring a wide selection of the most respected names in the business (such as Predator, Fury, Viking, Lucasi, Players, and many more), CheapshotBilliards carries a great selection of custom, bar, house, and two-piece pool sticks for every level of player out there, regardless of their age, sex, or ability.  Remember, the cue you carry shouldn’t be the most elaborate or expensive one in the pool room, but the one that makes the best fit with your own personal performance.

McDermott pool cues

Take Your Game to the Next Level with McDermott

Widely known throughout the industry as the epitome of quality, McDermott cues are sure to make a noteworthy addition to any billiards collection. Crafted by some of the most highly-acclaimed American wood makers, McDermott utilizes a process that includes over 150 separate operations in the construction of each cue. Featuring hand-selected shafts made from North American Hard Rock maple, each McDermott billiards cue features wood that has been aged for up to two years, and made to ensure maximum straightness.

Predator cue shafts

Hunting for an Extraordinary Cue? Try a Predator Shaft.

Used by a countless number of the billiard industry’s top professionals, Predator shafts are some of the most popular pool cue products on the market today. This is due to the fact that each Predator replacement pool cue shaft includes a patented ferrule and internal bore that allows you to shoot straighter, and helps reduce the tendency to buckle on impact. Their increasingly popular Z2 and 314 shafts (available in a variety of sizes) will dramatically reduce cue ball deflection, a feature that is helpful to just about every skill type out there.

Rage pool sticks

Searching for a Billiards Cue at a Fantastic Price?

Just try to find a cue of this quality at a better price than a Rage. We dare you. Featuring strikingly beautiful inlays, and a shaft made of exotic hard woods (ranging from imitation bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, and many more), it’s the perfect blend of good looks, exquisite craftsmanship, and affordability. With smooth, well-pressed Irish linen and truly eye-catching decal designs, you might think the look Rage pool cues are their best trait…until you take notice to how great it plays, that is.

Dufferin pool sticks

Increase Your Play with a Dufferin Pool Cue.

A perfect example of the genuine quality that can be found in a pool cue, Dufferin has long been a top choice for many demanding billiard players. Dufferin pool cues are known for their consistently solid hit, offering a stiffness that increases the power of the strike by lessening both the distortion and the flex. In addition, the quality and style that has been a hallmark of Dufferin is greatly enhanced by their high-impact fiber ferrules, Le Pro tips and a high-gloss UV Finish. Their impressive selection ranges from budget-priced one-piece billiard sticks to incredibly high-quality two-piece cues.

pool table covers

Covers to Shield Your Prized Possession From Dust, Dirt, and the Occasional Cat. We got you covered…

We all know that maintaining a full-size pool table isn’t always cheap. As a responsible table owner, you’re going to want to do everything you can to protect, most likely, your largest gameroom investment. With the wide selection of stylish pool table covers at, you can. These billiard table covers will help to prevent your table from the natural wear and tear that comes from pool balls, cue tips, and time in general. strongly believes that – as long as you can prevent them – unsightly scratches and wear to your pool table felt should never, ever, affect your playing experience.

pool cue cases

Want to Keep Your Pool Sticks Safe?

As the most essential tool of your game, no one wants their pool cue rattling around in the backseat whenever they take it on the road. Thankfully, offers a fantastic array of cue cases to ensure your sticks stay in top physical condition, even when they’re always on-the-go. Offering reliable soft cases to extremely durable hard billiard cases that will also hold your cue chalk and other cue accessories, these products will carry your cues from one tournament win to the next.

pool table lights

Illuminate that Wicked Bank Shot of Yours with Pool Table Lights.

Get ready to transform your game room into the ultimate eye-popper. In order to achieve an accurate shot, the right lighting is absolutely essential. Why not do it right and create a cool atmosphere while you’re at it?  Whether you’re looking for a down-and-dirty pool-hall feel or a classy look to show off your distinctive personal style, you’ll find it within our excellent collection of pool table lights. Good lighting will properly accentuate the rich greens of your felt, and provide that extra visual “pop” to your ball collection as they soar across the billiards table.

Aramith pool balls

Play Like the Pros with Aramith, the Industry’s Leading Billiard Balls.

By far one of the most respected names in the industry, Aramith billiard balls meet all professional quality specifications, such as density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, gloss, hardness and weight. These balls feature remarkable endurance, and contain a hardened, vitrified surface with incredibly high density for exceptional impact and scratch resistance. offers such great Aramith pool balls like the Pro TV Ball Set, as well as their Standard, Premier, and Premium Belgian Ball Sets.

pool table accessories

Incredible Table Accessories To Maintain and Accentuate Your Prized Possession.

Now that you’ve got that dream pool table, the time has come to accessorize. offers an incredible selection of pool table accessories that are perfect for enhancing your game room and increasing the look and performance of your table. Pool table brushes are perfect for keeping your billiard table cloth tidy and scratch-free, and pool cue racks and floor stands are ideal for keeping your cues together and safe. Oh, and don’t forget about pool room furniture. Where else can your opponents plant themselves while you finish up that winning shot?

pool table brushes

Sometimes, Your Playing Skills Aren’t the Only Thing That Needs Brushing Up.

Much like when you pamper your favorite pet, sometimes your pool table just needs a good brushing to let it know how much you care. Extending the life of your table cloth is crucial to enhancing your enjoyment of the game, and having a quality table brush on hand helps to ensure just that. Pool table brushes are perfect for cleaning both the table bed and underneath the rails, allowing you to eliminate excessive dust and dirt, and preserve the integrity of your game room centerpiece.

billiard supplies

The Right Selection of Supplies & Equipment You Need for All Things Billiards.

Looking for a complete selection of the billiard supplies and accessories you need to create the ultimate game room? From Cues, Table Covers, Professional Pool Balls, to Instructional DVDs, has just the right collection of pool-related products you need…all at some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere on the web.


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