Archer Untouchable, Top Billiard Pros Hanging Tough

Archer Untouchable, Top Billiard Pros Hanging Tough
Reno Open / Reno, NV

by Rick Davis
The fourth day of the Reno Open is halfway through with three rounds completed and three still to play before the final 32 are determined for Saturday’s action.
Late Thursday night saw the top players cruise through their matches to stay strong on the winners’ side. These included Mike Davis, Mark Tadd, Jose Parica, and Edwin Montal. Two of the biggest clashes in the event to that point were also offered to the amassing crowd as Tyler Edey defeated Louis Ulrich and Rafael Martinez bested Ronnie Wiseman. In the final round of Thursday evening Gabe Owen, Shane Van Boening, and Johnny Archer also took another win. Archer now has won three matches each with the score 9-0, making him 27-0 for the event.
Early action on Friday was heavy on the one-loss side where the only remaining female player, Melissa Little, is still alive. Tony “Cha-Ching” Chohan is as well, although he still faces two rounds this evening. Wiseman is still slated to play on the one-loss side, while Van Boening, Archer, and Parica all have upcoming rounds in the comfort of the winners’ side. Spotlights will point towards the biggest showdowns of the night … Martinez versus Dave Hemmah and Mark Haddad versus Owen.
The 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. rounds tonight will dwindle the field on both sides of the chart, followed by a final surge of one-loss side matches in the 10 p.m. round. The top 32 will appear Saturday, as each looks to be one of the final four on Sunday worthy of the $15,000 top prize.
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