Annual Tri-State Tour Invitational Goes to Jehle

Annual Tri-State Tour Invitational Goes to JehleTri-State Tour / Manhattan, NYby John LeymanThe ninth annual Tri-State Tour Invitational brough together skilled amateurs at Amsterdam Billiards Bar in Manhattan, NY, all hoping to sharpen their game en route to the pro circuit and looking to advance in class. The July 8-9 weekend was a huge success with 12 A and A+ players, 32 B and B+ players, 32 C and C+ players, and 24 D and D+ players showing up to play in their respective classes.Amsterdam Billiards Bar owners Greg and Ethan Hunt, along with the staff, were gracious hosts and provided a professional and engaging atmosphere for the event. They donated two $400 Espiritu cues and two Silver Fox cue cases to the event, as well as their room and the table time.


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