Abernathy and Turner Snare Viking Billiards Events

Abernathy and Turner Snare Viking Billiards Events

Abernathy Double Dips Nevel

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour stopped in Greensville, SC this weekend and drew in 81 billiard players for the $1500 added event at Sporty’s Bar and Grill. Spectators lined the rail to watch some of the top players in the field compete against one another in a bid for the titles.

Larry Nevel rolled thru top half of the winners bracket undefeated: Nevel drew a bye in round 1 and proceeded to face and send to the one loss side a list of players beginning with Kevin Ferrell 9-0; Mike Bumgarner 9-8; Skip Coffey 9-2; Jeff Bumgarner 9-2 to seat him in the finals of the winners bracket playing for the Hot Seat against Jeff Abernathy.

On the bottom half of the chart Abernathy defeated Wayne Butler 9-7; Paul Steinhauser 9-1; Sam Brannon 9-4; Ignacio Chavez 9-4; Sparky Ferrell 9-7 to put him in place to play Nevel for the Hot Seat . In what seemed like a blink of an eye Nevel sent Abernathey to the one loss side with a score of 9-3. On the 1-loss side in the Semi-Finals Abernathy had to face Ignacio Chavez one more time where Abernathy beat him 9-5. This sent Abernathy to the Finals to face Larry Nevel once again.

Wanting revenge for his Hot Seat match loss to Nevel, Abernathy made quick work of Nevel in the first set of the true double elimination format offered by the Viking Tour and defeated him 9-4. This put both players with 1-loss and one final match between them to see who was going to take down the finals. In the final set, both players exchanged game wins for the first four games with the score tied at 2-2 then Nevel took the lead by winning the next four games to lead 6-2. In the ninth game Larry came up dry and Abernathy didn’t stop winning until he was on the hill and the game score at 8-6 Abernathy. Nevel was only allowed to win one more game before Abernathy took the win at 9-7.

Turner comes through undefeated while Southpaw rips through the 1-Loss side.

Danny Turner made his way thru the top half of the chart undefeated he had some tough competition but he fought his way thru sending the following to the one loss side Tony Crescenzo in the first round 5-1; Luis Tovar 5-2; Steve Cox 5-3; Skip Coffey 5-1; Mike Newsome 5-3; Ed Killough 5-3 making his way to the finals to face David Southpaw Shadden, both players worked their way thru the field, Danny on the winner side and David on the one loss side to face each other in the Finals where Turner was victorious 5-2.

David Shadden was sent to the one loss side in the first round with a 5-2 loss to Steve Cox. Once on the one loss side he battled thru the one loss side to stay in the tournament. Along the way Southpaw faced and defeated Rory Dover 5-2; Calvin Le 5-0; Dennis Rose 5-2; Katie Cowan 5-0; Jeff Bumgarner 5-3; Roger Lewis 5-1; Mike Newsome 5-4 and with a battle to the end he came back from behind 2-4 to defeat Jason Turner sending him to the Semi Finals where he faced Ed Killough the players where evenly matched however David Shadden managed to take the lead defeating Killough 5-3.

Ed Killough rolled thru the bottom half of the chart sending his opponents to the one loss side beginning with but not ending with Ron Mayfield 5-2; Shannon Kinchen 5-2; Mark Stamey 5-2; going hill/hill he defeated Jim Bumgarner 5-4; Rich Fordunski 5-2; his winning streak was over when he faced Danny Turner and was sent to the one loss side with a 5-3 loss in the Hot Seat to face David Southpaw Shadden.

Open Results
1st Jeff Abernathy
2nd Larry Nevel
3rd Ignacio Chavez
4th Sparkey Ferrell
5th/6th Jeff Bumgarner, Dennis Killough
7th/8th Shawn Putnam, Skip Coffey

Amateur Results
1st Danny Turner
2nd David Shadden
3rd Ed Killough
4th Jason Turner
5th/6th Mike Newsome, Rich Fordunski
7th/8th Luis Tovar, Roger Lewis


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