Youth Competition Shines in Tiger Billiard Qualifier

Youth Competition Shines in Tiger Billiard Qualifier
Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour / Newmarket, ON
by Carolina Fernandez and Scott Soroko
Over the April 12-13 weekend, the Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour held its second stop at Big Wigs Billiards in Newmarket, ON, with 26 women and 45 men competing.
It was a tough competition in the ladies’ event, but Marina Linguerri of Ottawa came through undefeated to earn the qualifier spot. In the men’s event, young gun John Morra gave a flawless performance, taking the top prize.
In the one-loss bracket, Veronique Menard defeated Susan Wipper 7-3 and Darlene Gardiner 7-1, who settles for fourth place. In the final B-side match, Corrine Johnson shot outstandingly and stopped Menard in her tracks with a 7-3 score.
Having lost earlier to Linguerri in the hot seat match 7-4, Johnson must defeat Linguerri twice in the finals to claim first place. However, Linguerri takes an early 5-0 lead as Johnson struggled to get back in the game. In the next rack, Linguerri missed a 7-9 combination, leaving Johnson the run-out. That was the last rack Johnson took, though—Linguerri’s superior play saw her take her first tour win 7-1.
In the men’s event, youth came out once again when 18-year-old John Morra took first place. Mike Petrowicz met George Cornelius in the B-side final, and Cornelius setted for third place. Finally it came down to Morra versus Petrowicz for the top prize. Petrowicz was unable to match Morra’s play and was relegated to second place.

Women’s Results:
1st Marina Linguerri
2nd Corrine Johnson
3rd Veronique Menard
4th Darlene Gardiner
5th Susan Wipper
Tracey Croke

Men’s Results:
1st John Morra
2nd Mike Petrowicz
3rd George Cornelius
4th Jason Klatt


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