Wiseman and Moses Post Billiards Wins in Tampa

Wiseman and Moses Post Billiards Wins in Tampa
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Tampa, FL
by InsidePOOL Staff
Strokers 2, the newest billiard room in Tampa, FL, hosted the June 28-29 Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour events. A total of 85 players, including 18 junior and women players and 21 league players, participated, with Ronnie Wiseman taking first in the open division and Bill Moses claiming the amateur.

The tour’s open division field of 41 players included a strong pro and top regional player contingent, with the likes of Shawn “Big Bubba” Putnam, Wiseman, Cory Deuel, Tony Crosby, Sparky Ferrell, and WPBA player Tracie Hines participating. Strokers 2 provided a great tournament atmosphere for all the players and spectators, and all enjoyed the 23 nine-foot tables.

Wiseman began his trek to the finals by defeating James Roberts 9-7, Leslee Davis 9-1, Rodel Morados 9-6, Bobby Livrago 9-8, Justin Hall 9-5, and then Deuel in the hot seat match 9-6. Deuel was faced with Crosby in the semifinals and ended up running the final seven racks of the match to earn a rematch against Wiseman in the finals. Deuel claimed the first set 9-7, but in the true double-elimination format, the players went neck and neck in the second set until Wiseman moved ahead to take the match 9-6.
The amateur division comprised 44 players, including local favorites such as Neil “Murphy” Young, Ted Lepak, Jose Ybarra, and Jeremy Bell. Moses drew a bye in round one and then defeated Emily Wilmoth 5-0 and Trey Jankowski 5-2 before losing to Scott Howard 5-4. On the one-loss side he fought his way back to the finals, eliminating Jesse Langston 5-3, Justin Stocks 5-2, Kim Dyer 5-3, and Ybarra 5-3 to reach the finals. There he faced down Jonathon Demet and was victorious in the first set 5-3 and then won hill-hill in the second 5-4.

Open Results:
1st Ronnie Wiseman
2nd Cory Deuel
3rd Tony Crosby
4th Shawn Putnam
5th Bob Livrago
Justin Hall
7th Adam Wheeler
Stoney Stone

Amateur Results:
1st Bill Moses
2nd Jonathon Demet
3rd Jose Ybarra
4th Kim Dyer
5th Justin Stock
Scott Howard
7th Chris Walsh
Julio Delpoza


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