Winners’ Side Matches Yield Surprising Results

by InsidePOOL Staff
The winners’-side matches at the Diamond Open 9-Ball Professional Players Championship at the 16th Annual Super Billiards Expo have ended for the evening, leaving only eight undefeated players to return Saturday. There will be three rounds in the winners’ side Saturday, with the hot seat match at 8:30 p.m.
The last winners’-side match to finish was between Tony Robles and Mike Davis. The score teetered to double-hill when Robles broke and potted the 9 ball in the bottom corner pocket. His fans screamed in excitement only to find that Davis and Robles had agreed earlier than any 9 ball made in either bottom corner pocket on the break would not count. Unfazed, Robles picked his way through the rack and cleaned up for the 10-9 victory.
Top seed Shane Van Boening continues to dominate, brushing past last year’s runner-up Ronnie “Everything’s Funny When You’re Winning Big Money” Wiseman 10-5. He will meet Mika Immonen next, who just bested two-time champion of this event, Johnny Archer, 10-8.
Tony Crosby pushed past fellow countryman Raj Hundal 10-6 and will next play Adam “GQ” Smith, who just defeated Canadian speed-pool whiz Luc Salvas 10-5. Atlanta’s Louis Ulrich is still swinging away, having just sent Tony Chohan to the west side 10-5. Ulrich’s next opponent will be Shaun “Get Some” Wilkie, who dealt Gabe Owen his first loss 10-5. And another former event winner, Shawn Putnam, just won a hill-hill bout with young John Morra and will face off against Robles Saturday.
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