Vindication for Vidal

Vindication for Vidal

Blaze 9-Ball Tour / West Hempstead, NJ
by Jose Burgos
The Blaze 9-Ball Tour made its way to Raxx Bar Grill in West Hempstead, NJ, April 20. Out of a field of 30 billiards players who came out to play, Marc Vidal walked away the ultimate winner.

Vidal led the top half of the bracket with wins over Janie Gerber 7-1, Dave Shlemperis 7-3, Pete Testeralla Jr. 7-5, and Pete Testeralla Sr. 7-3. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Bobby Blackmore with wins over Duane Tony 7-4, Joe Pierce 7-3, Mhet Vergara 7-5, and Anthony Pizaro 7-1.

Vidal and Blackmore matched up for the hot seat in a set that went back and forth with Blackmore pulling off a 7-5 victory. Now on the one-loss side, Vidal defeated Anthony Pizaro in the semifinals to earn a rematch with Blackmore. Vindication was his, as Vidal earned top honors over Blackmore.
1st Marc Vidal
2nd Bobby Blackmore
3rd Anthony Pizaro
4th Mike Fingers
5th Sean Morgan
Pete Testeralla


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