Vilmont and Templeton Score in Knoxville

Vilmont and Templeton Score in Knoxville
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Knoxville, TN

by InsidePOOL Staff
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour rolled through Knoxville, TN, the weekend of February 9-10, with Breakers Billiards Sports Bar Grill playing host to the event. The open and amateur divisions brought in a total of 87 players, with Iowa’s Chad Vilmont taking home first in the open event and Mike Templeton winning the amateur division.

Vilmont drew a bye in round one of the open tournament and then proceeded to best all of his opponents, sending them to the one-loss side beginning with Scotty Phillips 11-5, Dallas Roach 11-6, Aaron Frady 11-4, Scottie Brown 11-2, and Ronnie Wiseman 11-9. He then faced Wiseman again in the finals, where Vilmont completed the tournament undefeated by besting Wiseman 11-6.

Runner-up Wiseman began with a bye and then defeated Ron McNutt 11-9, Hal Husky 11-2, Russ Edwards 11-10, and Darrell Caldwell 11-10 before beginning sent to the one-loss side where he faced Russ Edwards again in the semifinals, defeating him 11-5.

Templeton began his run for first place in the amateur event by defeating Joel Bradshaw 7-3, David Nichols 7-6, Ronnie Martin 7-3, and Mark Tree 7-4 before being sent to the left side of the chart by David Maddux 7-2. There he won by forfeit over Jimmy Weemes only to return to face Maddux again, where he had to defeat him twice in the double-elimination format. He took set one 7-4 and the second set 7-5.

Open Results:
1st Chad Vilmont
2nd Ronnie Wiseman
3rd Russ Edwards
4th Aaron Frady
5th Darrell Caldwell
Scottie Brown
7th Claude Merrier
Rick Patterson

Amateur Results:
1st Mike Templeton
2nd Dave Maddux
3rd Jimmy Weemes
4th Ronnie Martin
5th Haskell Brown
Mark Tree


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