Tollefson Commanding on Tiger Billiard Tour

Tollefson Commanding on Tiger Billiard Tour
Tiger Pool Tour / Winchester, VA
by Skip Maloney
Scott Tollefson gave up only two racks in his final two matches to take first place in the Tiger Pool Tour stop’s open division. The $1,500-added event, held July 19-20, drew 51 entrants to Blue Fox Billiards in Winchester, VA.
Tollefson started Sunday among the winners’ side final four and found himself in the midst of a struggle versus Larry Kressel. Tollefson finally prevailed 9-7 to move into the hot seat match against John Schmidt, who’d just defeated tour founder Danny Green. Tollefson gave Schmidt just one chance at the table during an eight-rack run that put him on the hill. Tollefson made the 9 ball on the subsequent break but scratched. With ball in hand, Schmidt started a last-ditch effort to turn things around, but when one of his shots rattled, he conceded the 9-0 victory.
In the meantime, Brandon Shuff, Joey Ryan, Kevin West and eventual finalist Shaun Wilkie had advanced to the final four on the one-loss side. Wilkie had advanced at the expense of WPBA pro Janet Atwell, who chose to forfeit her match against him to continue competing in the ladies’ event.
Ryan and Wilkie dropped Shuff and West into a tie for seventh, respectively, with identical 7-4 victories and moved into matches against Green and Kressel, over from the winners’ side. Ryan and Kressel tied for fifth place, as Green and Wilkie moved into the quarterfinals. Wilkie got to the finals with a 7-4 victory over Green and a subsequent 7-3 victory over Schmidt in the semifinals.
Tollefson was not to be denied, however. He took command early and gave up only two racks to finish it 11-2 and capture the first-place prize.
1st Scott Tollefson
2nd Shaun Wilkie
3rd John Schmidt
4th Danny Green
5th Joey Ryan
Larry Kressel
7th Brandon Shuff
Kevin West
9th Manny Chau
Matt Clatterbuck
Phil Kearns
Janet Atwell

In the Ladies event, .and unk a few balls before one rattled in a hole
Men’s is finished –- $1,500
Ladies – 24 – $500 + $500 WPBS Qualifier Spot paid by Monster Energy Drink


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