The Scottish Lion Roars

The Scottish Lion Roars
Tri-State Tour / Somerset, NJ

by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour drew in 47 billiard player field over the January 19-20 weekend where One Shot Billiards in Somerset, NJ, was host to their B-D handicapped event. Coming through the field strong was Stewart “The Scottish Lion” Warnock, who has taken the top spot in two of the last three events, with a runner-up title in between to finish up the trio.
Late action on the winners’ side saw Warnock streak to the hot seat match after defeating Danny Cintron 7-5, while tour regular Jan Aleria bested Pablo Sanz by the same margin to keep pace with Warnock. In the hot seat match Warnock defeated Aleria 7-5 to claim the king of the kill.
Over on the one-loss side George Osipovitch was working on a comeback, eliminating Greg Hecht and Cintron, both 7-5, while Sanz ousted Lenny Knapp 7-3. This set the quarterfinals match between Sanz and Osipovitch, which ended with a very familiar score for the weekend … 7-5, in favor of Osipovitch. As the semifinals began Osipovitch looked good from his huge comeback streak, but it was Aleria who took control, taking the match 7-4 to earn a final crack at Warnock.
After an event full of close scores the finals did not disappoint as Warnock and Aleria went double-hill. It was a fitting final match for these two, who have been dominating the tour lately. With each taking a first and second finish the past two events, this would be the tie breaker, so to speak, and after the last ball fell it was Warnock who cinched the victory.
1st Stewart Warnock
2nd Jan Aleria
3rd George Osipovitch
4th Pablo Sanz
5th Danny Cintron
Lenny Knapp
7th Greg Hecht
Mike Kaborski


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