The Reign of Shane Continues In Chattanooga

The Reign of Shane Continues In Chattanooga
By Michael Basha
The $1,000 entry 10-ball ring game finished up in Chattanooga at the Diamond Billiard Club, with Shane Van Boening taking first place over Johnny Archer. The ring game started with two tables and ten billiards players with the bet at $50 a game per player. The line-up of players included Shannon Daulton, Alex Pagulayan, Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, Sparky Ferrell, Cliff Joyner, Billy Young, Steve Moore, Larry Nevel, and Bobby Pickle.
Joyner was the first man out after 14 games, while Nevel lasted just six games more. Daulton and Pagulayan got knocked out after the bet was raised to $400 a game in rack 21, and Ferrell and Moore soon followed. Since Ferrell and Moore were tied when they were put out, they were allowed to play a single game for $1,500 and third place. Moore won the lag and broke dry, leaving Ferrell a long, tough 1 ball, which he struck well but failed to pocket. Moore cleaned up for the $1,500 payday, leaving only Archer and Van Boening left to slug it out with $5,000 going to the winner and $3,500 to second place.
With the bet sitting at $800 a game, Van Boening won rack 26 and posted a smash and clear in rack 27, but Archer fought back and accomplished the same feat, running out from Van Boening’s dry break and breaking and running the next to stay within striking distance. They went back and forth over the next three racks, with Van Boening winning two out of three to stay in the lead. The bet was raised to $1,600 a game in rack 32 with Archer’s bankroll sitting at $3,550 and Van Boening holding the lead with $6,450. Van Boening saw the end in sight, and he broke and ran two racks to put Archer all in. A dry break from Van Boening allowed Archer nothing more than a kick shot, and afterwards Van Boening was left straight in. A perfectly laid-out rack spelled the end for Archer, and Van Boening cleared the table beautifully to take the first-place prize.
Shane Van Boening $5000
Johnny Archer $3500
Steve Moore $1500


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