Tenth Annual Derby City Classic Kicks Off

Tenth Annual Derby City Classic Kicks Off

Mike Fieldhammer, InsidePOOL Staff
The Tenth Annual Derby City Classic kicked off this afternoon with a brief players’ meeting before the 9-ball banks competition started. A click of the mouse started the first round match-ups of 456 players scrolling upwards on the big screen in the main tournament room at the Executive West Hotel in Louisville, KY. The nine days of tournament action continues with one-pocket beginning on Sunday, and concludes with the 9-ball tournament Wednesday through Saturday. The highest point holder from all three events will be crowned master of the table, with an added bonus to match.
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Halfway into the second round of the bank pool tournament the following players have had a loss: Johnny Archer, Ralf Souquet, Jason Miller, Niels Feijen, and Thorsten Hohmann. Last year’s bank pool champ, Steve Moore, is into the third round with his buy-back option still available.
Grady Mathews held a six-player 10-ball bank ring game on the feature table this evening with $18,000 in the prize fund. Former champion Brian Gregg participated, as did Tony Coleman, Truman Hogue, Shannon Daulton, George Breedlove, and Louis D’Marco were participants in the $3,000-per-man event. Gregg, who hails from Indianapolis, started the match with a run of seven banks, and better than two hours later ran three to eliminate Daulton, who finished in second place.

The bank pool tournament matches resume at 11:00 am Saturday morning, but action continues throughout the night. Visit InsidePOOL for the latest updates from the Derby City Classic.


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