Steinke and Barnes Score Top Billiards Finishes

Steinke and Barnes Score Top Billiards Finishes
Pechauer All-American Tour / Norfolk, VA

by InsidePOOL Staff
The March 8 stop of the Pechauer All-American Tour was hosted by Flipper McCoy’s in Norfolk, VA. The $2,000-added event drew 55 billiard players in separate men’s and women’s divisions in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes, with the winners being Vernon Steinke and Toni Barnes, respectively.
In the 35-player, $1,500-added men’s division, local player Vernon Steinke sailed undefeated to the finals. In the hot seat match, Steinke dominated Jack Davis 7-1. Earlier, in the A-bracket semifinals, Steinke also blitzed Joe Wood 7-1, while Davis comfortably handled Larry Kressel 7-3. In the B-side final eight, Dave Perry ousted Bill Mason 5-2, while John Hughes knocked out Chris Adams 5-3. The B-side quarterfinals featured Kressel crushing Hughes 5-0 and Perry taking care of Wood at fifth place. In the B-side semifinals Kressel eliminated Perry at fourth place 5-3, but Kressel’s run was ended by Davis, who bested him 5-4. Davis had to defeat Steinke two sets for the crown, but Steinke held Davis off in the first set by a 7-6 margin for the title.

In the 20-player, $500-added women’s division, Toni Barnes remained undefeated to the finals, eclipsing Ann Bellamy in the A-side finals 4-3. In the previous A-side round, Barnes eased past Connie Eddins 4-0, and Bellamy upped Rebecca Sears 4-2. In the B-side round of eight, Barbara Yeager took out Alena Joyce 4-1, and Luz Selbe ousted Susie Losh 4-2. In the B-side quarterfinals, Barbara Yeager eliminated Rebecca Sears at fifth place, while Selbe tied Sears because of her 4-0 loss to Connie Eddins. Eddins built up more momentum by eliminating Yeager at fourth place 4-3 and Bellamy at third place 4-3. In the finals, Barnes made short work of Eddins by a 4-1 margin for the crown.

Men’s Results:
1st Vernon Steinke
2nd Jack Davis
3rd Larry Kressel
4th Dave Perry
5th John Hughes
Joe Wood
7th Chris Adams
Bill Mason
Women’s Results:
1st Toni Barnes
2nd Connie Eddins
3rd Ann Bellamy
4th Barbara Yeager
5th Rebecca Sears
Luz Selbe


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