Stallings and Holmes Get First in Goose Creek Billiard Event

Stallings and Holmes Get First in Goose Creek Billiard Event

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Goose Creek, SC
by Skip Maloney
John Stallings showed why he is considered one of the top league players in the area with his undefeated run on the Viking Cue Open 9-Ball Tour’s May 10-11 stop, while Billy Holmes took first in the amateur division. This stop was hosted by Weekend’s Pub in Goose Creek, SC.
Earlier on Sunday, Stallings sent the eventual fourth-place winner, Brian White, to the one-loss side, as well as Michael Basha and Biff Bowden, who ended up sharing fifth place, before facing Paul Durgin in the hot seat match. Stallings sent Durgin to the one-loss side with a 9-5 victory.
On the one-loss side, J.R. Rossman faced White in the quarterfinal match. Down 2-3 in the early going, Rossman rallied to win the next 7, allowing White to shoot only once in the match that put him on the hill at 8-3.
In the semifinals, Durgin put up a fight, but Rossman prevailed in a 9-5 victory. Stallings, who’d saved his best match for last, allowed Rossman only two racks to conclude his undefeated weekend.
In the amateur event, Billy Holmes had a short stay on the winners’ side, chalking up a single win before Bill Sikes sent him to the one-loss side 7-4. Sikes then went on to best Glenn Smith 7-2 in the hot seat match.
Holmes followed his defeat by besting Durgin 7-1 in the quarterfinals, advancing to face down Glenn Smith in the semifinals, whom he defeated 7-4. In the double-elimination finals against Sikes, he won both sets 7-4 to capture first place.

Open Results:
1st John Stallings
2nd J.R. Rossman
3rd Paul Durgin
4th Brian White
5th Mike Basha
Biff Bowden
Amateur Results:
1st Billy Holmes
2nd Billy Sikes
3rd Glenn Smith
4th Paul Durgin


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