Souquet Gets Revenge and Wins WPA Damas 8-Ball World Title

Souquet Gets Revenge and Wins WPA Damas 8-Ball World Title

WPA Damas World 8-Ball Championships / Fujairah, UAE
by InsidePOOL Staff
If revenge truly is a dish best served cold, then billiard player Ralf Souquet has waited two years to get satisfaction. Souquet, who lost in the final match of the 2006 World 9-Ball Championship to Ronnie Alcano, bested the defending champion 13-9 in the finals of the 2008 WPA Damas World 8-Ball Championship, held this past week in Fujairah, UAE.
While Filipino champ Alcano came to the finals without a blemish on his record, Souquet suffered an early-round loss to Jeff De Luna of the Philippines and had to take the long way to the finals through the left side of the bracket.
Though Alcano won the lag, the German, who was the 9-ball world champion in 1996, was able to take an early 3-0 lead thanks to Alcano’s empty breaks. Souquet lengthened his lead to 8-3, but Alcano caught a gear and raced back into the match, drawing within a game at 9-8. However, he failed to capitalize on Souquet’s dry break in the following rack to even the score and only managed to win one more game before Souquet took the match 13-9.
Souquet earned $60,000 for his first-place finish, while Alcano received $20,000 for second.
Match Summery Ralf Souquet vs. Ronny Alcano (Race to 13):
Alcano wins the lag.
Game 1: Alcano Dry break. Souquet runout without problems. Score: 1-0
Game 2: Souquet 1 Ball on perfect break. Few difficulties but continues his run. RunOut. Score: 2-0
Game 3: Alcano Again dry break. Souquet Solid RunOut Nr.3. Score: 3-0
Game 4: Souquet Dry break and leaves an easy table. Alcano No problems and RunOut. Score: 3-1
Game 5: Alcano Changed his breaking position and was awarded with a ball. Position mistak e at
the first ball leaves him a difficult cut into the side pocket. He cuts it in and decreases Souquet lead. Score: 3-2
Game 6: Souquet again with a perfect break. A little position mistake didn«t stop him from another
strong RunOut. Score: 4-2
Game 7: Alcano Aggressive break but successful. Alcano Thin cut ball stays in the pocket and leaves (S)
an open table. Souquet RunOut. Score: 5-2
Game 8: Souquet Breaking strong again. Without a doubt Souquet goes on with a flawless performance. Score: 6-2
Takes his Time-Out
Game 9: Alcano Break from the side was successful. Opens up the problem with the first ball and
runs out in his Philippine way. Score: 6-3
Game 10: Souquet After checking the rack many times and getting an applause from the Philippine
crowd after giving the okay Souquet goes on with perfect breaking. Opened up the rack with the
first ball and stays in the flow. Score: 7-3
Game 11: Alcano Breaking from the side but this time without a ball. Souquet Managed with his fine
position play another RunOut. Score: 8-3
Game 12: Souquet Having his second dry break. Alcano At the second ball Alcano had to use the bridge
but in a certain way, by not leaving the butt of the bridge on the table but on his left shoulder.
Looked cool and worked out. After a position mistake Alcano had to go around the table to play
the last ball before the 8. Tough RunOut. Score: 8-4
Game 13: Alcano Softer break than before but with a ball. Alcano Who doesn«t seem intimidated by
Souquet perfect performance so far runs out another rack. Score: 8-5
Game 14: Souquet Stays on the table by making one ball on the break. Souquet Even though he had to
adjust his plan during the rack he keeps increasing his lead. Score: 9-5
Game 15: Alcano Made the 8 Ball on the break and decided to take it. Alcano who choose to play the
difficult rack almost hooked himself behind Souquet stripped balls. With a lot of English Alcano managed to
curve around make the ball and still find the tunnel for the last ball and runs out. Score: 9-6
Game 16: Souquet After a dry break the Philippine crowd started clapping for (A). Alcano cleans up
the easy table again with a bridge on the shoulderÓ shot. Important game! Score: 9-7
Referee Change
Game 17: Alcano Changed his breaking position again and makes 2 balls and gets an open table.
Alcano Left the only problem ball until the end which led to a position mistake on the last 2 balls.
Due to that he had to bank the last ball before the 8 to run out. Score: 9-8

Game 18: Souquet With another dry break and a happy Philippine crowd. Alcano By making the first shot
Alcano created a problem which he couldn«t solve until the end. Alcano After a bad contact on the second
to last ball he was forced to play a difficult bank shot which he missed. Souquet finds an open table and
takes his chance. Score: 10-8
Game 19: Alcano Changed his breaking position again, makes one ball and gets a very difficult rack.
Alcano After getting rid of the problems he leaves one tough long shot before the 8. With a smooth
and perfect shot Alcano secures game 19. Score: 10-9
Game 20: Souquet After checking the rac k Souquet went back to his chair and sat down. Unfortunately the
chair broke and Souquet hurt his back a little bit. Returning to the table Souquet broke perfectly and made
one ball. Souquet continues with a perfect RunOut. Score: 11-9
Game 21: Alcano Solid break with 2 balls. Alcano played a risky shot and almost hooked himself. He
solved it with a good draw shot and it seemed that the rack is over. Until he missed the 8 which
he tried to play with a kiss shot into the side pocket. Souquet finds 5 open balls but kept it exciting
with an breath taking 11 ball that hit 2 rails before it went in. Score: 12-9
Game 22: Souquet Good break with one ball and the chance for the t itle. Souquet opens up the problem
which leaves him a tough 2 ball into the side. Souquet makes it and runs out a difficult rack to win
the 2008 World 8 Ball Championships. Score: 13-9
Congratulations to the new World Champion Ralf Souquet, who showed a flawless performance
through out the whole match.

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