Sisemore and Butler Qualify For Nationals

Sisemore and Butler Qualify For Nationals
The South Texas Junior Pool Tour held its first Junior Qualifier at its newest sponsor poolroom, Bogies Billiards and Games, in Houston, TX, Saturday, March 22. They came from as far as Sherman, TX, to qualify for a chance to compete and win a qualifying spot for Junior Nationals.
Nineteen juniors, along with parents, family members, and friends, converged on Bogies Billiards to battle it out for qualifying spots for the 2008 Junior Nationals. For junior hopefuls and brothers Joey (11) and J.C Torres (14), this was their first event, and even though they were eliminated, they were determined to qualify. Joey wowed the crowd on Saturday, taking down opponents in record time in an attempt to fight through the one-loss side after a first-round hill-hill loss to Brandon Sisemore (17). Eric Molina (17) also fought his way back from the one-loss side, finally eliminating Joey Torres and Sam Burns in order to meet up with the undefeated Sisemore for one final race to 7. Eric’s methodical and collected style couldn’t see him through to the end, for Brandon powered his way through to a 7-4, come-from-behind win, earning him a first-place trophy and the qualifier spot.
On the ladies’ side, Macy Bullard and Shelby Butler met in the semifinals. Shelby defeated Macy, who took home a very impressive third-place finish. It was the seemingly unstoppable Taylor Satterwhite and one-loss side player Shelby Butler competing in a final race to 7. Shelby took it home with a score of 7-4, winning her first junior tournament and qualifier. Taylor had previously qualified for Nationals a few weeks earlier, so these two best friends will be traveling to Arizona together.
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