Schmidt Captures Viking Cues Southern Classic 10-Ball

Schmidt Captures Viking Cues Southern Classic 10-Ball
Mr. Cues II once again proved why they are Atlanta’s Best Billiards Room. This week Mr Cues II generously added $22,500 to the prize fund of the Viking Cues Southern Classic Open. The event drew a total of 256 billiard player entries and distributed over $45,000 in prize money to the players that placed in the events.

The 1st event was a $2,500 added Amateur 9-Ball Tournament which brought in 97 players and was won by Matt Reed of North Carolina. Matt earned a grand total of $2410 for winning the event. The 2nd event was a $3,000 added Open 8-Ball Tournament which brought in 53 players and was won by Ignacio Nacho Chavez of Mexico. Nacho earned $3,200 for winning the event. The third event was a $5000 added 1 pocket tournament which drew 34 players and was won by Larry The Truth Nevel . Larry earned $3,150 by winning the event.
The 4th event and the finale to the tournament was a $10,000 added 10 ball tournament that drew a field of 72 players and was won by John Schmidt. Schmidt earned a total of $5,500 by winning the event. There was an additional $2,000 added to the event that pitted the players against each other to see who would win the all-around championship after playing in three events. Helena Thornfeldt won the Ladies division and earned $500 while Ignacio Chavez won the all-around and earned an additional $1,500 and the coveted event title of the All-Around Champion of the Viking Cues 2007 Southern Classic Open.

Mr.Cues II in Atlanta is a family owned and operated Billiard Room it was opened by Richard and Susan Sweet in 1986 they have made several updates to the room over the years and currently have 42 tables, several of which have been recently recovered. They house 97 league teams and have weekly tournaments that consist of 9- ball on Monday nights, 1-pocket on Wednesday nights and C D 9-ball on Friday nights along with playing host to many regional tour events. Mr Cues II also has a full bar and kitchen.

Mr.Cues II strives to provide an excellent atmosphere for anyone that enjoys the sport of billiards. The Sweet family has truly expressed their love for the sport and their desire to provide a billiard room designed with the billiard player in mind. Mr.Cues 2 is located at 3451 Chamblee-Tucker Rd, Atlanta, Ga and is easily accessible. Anyone looking for a clean, friendly billiard room is highly encouraged to come by and check out Mr.Cues II.

Path to the Finals

Jim Schmidt drew a bye in the first round and continued undefeated to the finals facing along the way Ed Pope 9-2; Larry Nevel 9-4; Rafael Martinez 9-7; Chris Bartrum 9-7; Shannon Daulton 9-7; Ignacio Chavez 9-7;

Shawn Putnam drew a bye in the first round and proceeded to have wins over Tim McKay 9-2; Mike Newsome 9-3; David Crockett 9-0; Putnam was defeated by L. Ulrich 9-7 sending Putnam to the one loss side to face and defeat Benny Conway Jr 9-8; Rafael Martinez 9-7; Shannon Daulton 9-7; Ignacio Chavez 9-8

In the Finals John Mr. 403 Schmidt won 9-4 over Shawn Big Bubba Putnam.

For more information please visit their website at (

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Mr. Cues II for hosting The Southern Classic Open. The owners and staff have made this a memorable event by not only hosting and sponsoring the 8 day event but also by welcoming both players and staff with kindness and hospitality.

The Viking Cue 9- Ball Tour ( ( would also like to extend a thank you to Josey Custom Cues( (, Hightower Custom Cues ( (, and Gulyassi Custom Cues ( ( for providing an exceptional display of custom cues at the event.

Last but not least The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour extends a special thank you to all the spectators and players, with out you this would not be possible. We appreciate you and hope for your continued support of Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour events in the future.


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