Robles the Billiard King in Queens

Robles the Billiard King in Queens
Predator 9-Ball Tour / Queens, NY
by InsidePOOL Staff
An impressive 50-player field June 14-15 gathered at Master Billiards in Queens, NY, for the Predator 9-Ball Tour stop. With more than one-third of the field at open/pro level and 20% of the field women, no one was safe from a difficult draw or the female power.
First-round action saw tough matches such as Frankie Hernandez over Mike Fingers 9-7, Bora Jeong over Victor Nau 9-8, Ryan McCreesh, over Marc Vidal 9-6, and Eddie Abraham over Chuck Altomare 9-8, and the second round wasn’t any easier. Shin Park lost a close one to George “Ginky” San Souci 9-8, Abraham destroyed Shaun Wilkie 9-1, and femme fatale Liz Ford defeated the powerhouse, Hernandez, in a crowd pleasing hill-hill match.
San Souci and Joey Kong both had a great tournament. After defeating Park, San Souci went on to defeat Abraham 9-5 and won on the hill against Jeremy Sossei and Mhet Vergara before losing to Joey Kong, last week’s runner-up, for the hot seat. Kong had earlier sent Robles and Jorge Rodriguez both to the left side of the chart with 9-7 scores and waited in the hot seat for the left side of the chart to declare his opponent.
After his lost to Kong, Robles was fighting his way back through the event with wins over Michael Yednak 9-6, Abraham 9-8, Vergara 9-5, Rodriguez 9-3, and a stunning 9-1 victory over San Souci to battle Kong again for the cash. The final was a close one up through the very end. In the race to 11, each player traded racks keeping the score tight, with Robles ultimately prevailing.
1st Tony Robles
2nd Joey Kong
3rd George San Souci
4th Jorge Rodriguez
5th Shaun Wilkie
Mhet Vergara
7th Ryan McCreesh
Eddie Abraham
9th Mike Panzarello
Jeremy Sossei
Bobby Blackmore
Mike Yednak


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