Robles Runs Through World-Class Billiard Field

Robles Runs Through World-Class Billiard Field
Predator 9-Ball Tour / Sunnyside, NY

by Jerry Tarantola/
The Predator 9-Ball Tour’s second stop, held February 9-10 at Master Billiards in Sunnyside, NY, started with a record 83 of the Northeast’s best players. World champions Mika Immonen and Thorsten Hohmann attended, as well as other top players from as far away as Florida, all in pursuit of the top prize of $2,000, but it was Tony “The Silent Assassin” Robles who walked away with the title and cash.
On the event’s second day, tour director William Finnegan called back the top 16 players to battle it out. First-round action included Hohmann versus Robles. Both played well, but in the end, it was Robles who advanced 9-7. Finland’s Immonen convincingly defeated Ocean State Champion Jeremy Sossei 9-2, lining up a face-off between himself and Robles in the finals of the winners’ side. At 4-3, it appeared Immonen would take a 5-3 lead, but he missed a difficult 4 ball. Robles capitalized on the miss and turned up the heat, winning the next six consecutive games to close the set out 9-4. Determined to line up a rematch with Robles in the finals, Immonen had just one more player to get through—Hohmann.
Hohmann was seeking revenge, delivering convincing wins over Sossei 7-4, hometown favorite Mhet Vergera 7-5, and NY local “Flaco” Tony Rodriquez, who was having a great tournament including wins over Bobby Blackmore 7-4 and Oscar Bonilla 7-1 to finish fourth. Hohmann looked strong as the match against Immonen opened and gained an early 3-0 lead, but Immonen ground it out to tie the match at 4-4. A crucial mistake on a 1 ball was the window Immonen needed to close the set at 7-5 against Hohmann and face Robles again in the finals.
Robles was clearly in dead stroke, only missing one shot throughout the match. Showing impeccable cue ball control and a flawless break, everything worked in his favor, rendering Immonen helpless as he continued his dominant march to victory. He took a commanding 7-2 lead and never looked back. In the end, at 11-6, it was Robles who won it all, remaining undefeated.
1st Tony Robles
2nd Mika Immonen
3rd Thorsten Hohmann
4th Flaco Rodriguez
5th Jeremy Sossei
Oscar Bonilla
7th: Mhet Vergara
Bobby Blackmore
9th: Hunter Lombardo
Justin Muller
Jonathan Smith
Jorge Rodriguez


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