Roberts Returns to Win Legends of Bank Pool

Roberts Returns to Win Legends of Bank Pool
Legends of Bank Pool / Lexington, SC

by Skip Maloney

Josh Roberts won the Legends of Bank Pool event held at Grady's in Lexington, SC.

Josh Roberts won the Legends of Bank Pool event held at Grady' in Lexington, SC.

Josh Roberts avenged a shut-out defeat at the hands of Scott Rabon and returned to defeat him in the finals of the first Legends of Bank Pool tournament, held the weekend of September 27-28. The $1,000-added event, hosted by Grady’s in Lexington, SC, drew about six times as many spectators as it did participants, with eight players on hand to compete in the bank pool tournament. According to co-owner Randi Mathews, while the limited participation had been expected, the spectator turnout came as something of a surprise.

Roberts, Rabon, club co-owner Grady Mathews, and Kevin Brown won the opening round of play, with Rabon shutting out Shannon Lundy. Rabon repeated his shut-out play with a 5-0 defeat of Roberts and followed it with a 5-1 victory over Kevin Brown to earn the hot seat.

In the meantime, on the short list, one-loss side of the bracket, Brian White and Red Calhoun were eliminating Lundy and Matthew Dugger. White then fell to Grady Mathews 5-2, as Roberts recorded his only shut-out of the tournament in the subsequent match against Calhoun. Roberts dropped Mathews into fourth place with a 5-3 score and Brown into third place 5-2. Roberts then closed the proceedings on Sunday night with a 5-3 victory over Rabon in the finals.

1st Josh Roberts
2nd Scott Rabon
3rd Kevin Brown
4th Grady Mathews
5/6th Brian White
5/6th Red Calhoun
7/8th Shannon Lundy
7/8th Matthew Dugger