Reyes, Bustamante, and Amit to Star in Upcoming Film 9-Ball

Reyes, Bustamante, and Amit to Star in Upcoming Film 9-Ball
World Champion Efren Reyes, International Champion Francisco Bustamante, and Champion Rubilen Amit have been cast to star in the movie 9-Ball. The film is being directed by Anthony Palma of Main Street Productions, who also created the story, wrote/ the screenplay and will produce. Palma says, “It is a honor, and privilege to have these three great pool players now part of the cast of “9-Ball.” Pool players, and fans of the sport everywhere can look forward to seeing the Best of the Best, and most exciting players in the World in “9-Ball.”
Francisco Bustamante, and Efren Reyes are two of the most respected pool champions in the history of the sport. In the film “9-Ball” the audience will get to see what makes these champions the Heroes they are.

9-Ball is about a young, up and coming pool player who breaks away from hustling pool in the back rooms of bars, to follow her dream of becoming the Women’s 9 Ball Champion of the World. Palma is delighted to have World-renowned players cast in “9-Ball.” Palma says, “ I want “9-Ball” to show pool as the great sport it is and what better way to do that then have real life World Champions in the movie, these players represent what the movie “9-Ball” is all about.”
Jennifer Barretta who is cast in the lead role says, “This project is the most exciting thing happening in pool right now and I’m excited to be a part of it. 9 Ball is destined to become a classic,” The film has also garnered excitement from other greats such as Karin Corr and Julie Kelly who have already served as technical advisors on the script. They have also been cast to play themselves in the movie. World Champion Corr says, “After reading the screenplay for “9-Ball” I was more impressed than ever to be involved with this film. “9-Ball” is the first film produced that combines women’s professional pool with a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat…Gail is a young woman with a lot of guts, determination, and ambition to become the 9-Ball Women’s World Champion. “9-Ball” is a film that you want to see, and after you see it to go shoot pool,” Kelly is also excited to be a part of the movie. “I also like that it is about a woman pool player, we’ve seen great pool movies but nothing like “9-Ball.” The film aims to inspire all up and coming pool players to take their craft seriously and follow their dreams professionally. said Kelly.

The film is scheduled to begin principal photography June 15th. at Universal Studios. This independent film will be directed, and produced by Anthony Palma for Main Street Productions. Executive Producer is Ralph Clemente. For more information about the film, please visit the website at ( or call 215-764-6128


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