Peach Victorious at 2007 World Pool Championship

Peach Victorious at 2007 World Pool Championship
English pocket billiards Daryl Peach has become the 2007 World Pool Champion.
Played out in front of a 1,000 plus crowd at the Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Manila, the 35 year-old Peach battled hard throughout as both players struggled to contain their nerves.
It was one of the most thrilling World Pool finals in recent years as Peach wins $100,000 as he joins list of greats who have won this coveted trophy
Peach said: “It was just the amazing match I’ve ever been involved in. In the end all I could think about was keeping my head still and making one shot at a time.
“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I probably won’t sleep on the plane. This is unbelievable,” he added.
Neither player managed to play the type of free flowing pool that had seen them carve their way through the field at the event but the drama more than made up for it.
After blowing an early 8-3 lead, Peach stayed close to Gomez, with neither ever being more than two racks ahead.
Gomez, 29, opened up a three rack lead though when he ran out the 27th rack to give himself every chance of victory at 15-13.
But Peach was made of strong stuff and his temperament and nerve under what were at times hostile conditions, carried him on.
He won the next after some razor sharp safety and then ran out from the break in the next to level the scores.
There was tension in the air in the most dramatic rack of the game. Both players miss before Peach had his chance to close out the rack. He was always out of position but left himself a horrible shot on the 9 ball which failed to drop after a table length bank.
It wasn’t the hardest 9 for Gomez but he choked badly, feeling all the pressure, to leave it on for Peach who deposited to reach the hill.
The Yorkshire-born Peach closed out the match with a banked 1 ball into the centre pocket to set up his match-winning run-out.
“Gomez put in a good performance under immense pressure of the home crowd and home fans. I had a lot to prove and I think I did.
“I haven’t got the most ability and there are lots of players with more talent than me but I just used my head and tried to focus on what I’ve got.
“It was probably the worst match I’ve played since the start of the tournament and the pressure for both of us was immense.
“The atmosphere did affect me, if I said it didn’t then I would be lying. The Filipino fans were cheering for their man and that was to be expected.
“I always knew I had a strong mind and the will to win.
“You never really think you are going to win the World Championship. I dreamt it but when it comes around you have to grab it with both hands and luckily I did exactly that.


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