Ouschan Defeats Immonen to Advance to Final Eight

Ouschan Defeats Immonen to Advance to Final Eight
Predator Straight Pool Championships / East Brunswick, NJ

by Skip Maloney

Jasmin Ouschan has defeated Mika "The Iceman" Immonen to proceed to the final eight players in the Predator World Straight Pool Championship.

Action at the Predator Straight Pool Championships in East Brunswick, NJ, moved into the final round of eight early Friday evening with Oliver Ortmann, Francisco Bustamante, Huidji See, Niels Feijen, John Schmidt, Thorsten Hohmann, Nick Van Den Berg, and a surprise Jasmine Ouschan advancing out of the single-elimination round of 16.

Ortmann, who ousted Thomas Engert 200-42, was set to square off against Ouschan in Friday’s final session, leading to Saturday’s final four. Ouschan, who overcame some adversity in the round robin sessions of the tournament, reached the final eight by defeating frontrunner Mika Immonen 200-174.

Earlier in the day, Huidji See concluded Corey Deuel’s tournament run 200-96 and turned to face Francisco Bustamante, who’d advanced with a 200-137 defeat of Harriman. Niels Feijen defeated Ignacio Chavez 200-128 and earned a spot battling John “Mr. 403” Schmidt, who eliminated Mike Dechaine with a 200-144 victory.

The final pairing was to pit Thorsten Hohmann against Nick Van Den Berg. Hohmann had eliminated Ralf Souquet from further action with a 200-144 victory, as Van den Berg was concluding Dominic Jentsch’s day 200-38.

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