Nevel Wins Viking Cues Southern Classic One Pocket

Nevel Wins Viking Cues Southern Classic One Pocket
Larry Nevel stormed his way through the One Pocket division of the Viking Cues Southern Classic Open 2 held at Mr Cues 2 Billiards ( in Atlanta, GA. The event had $5,000 added with a $127 entry fee and it drew 34 of the nations best one pocket players.

Nevels reign of thunder started with a 3-0 shutout over Tommy Wilson in amatch that took only 11 minutes. Nevel then almost grounded out in his next match against Nick Andrews bareley winning 3-2. Nevels storm then picked up speed again while playing Sylver The Texas Terror Ochoa by defeating him 3-1 and then destroying Floridas Benny Conway JR 3-1 which put Nevel in the finals of the winners side against the King of players for the last 6 years of the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour, Shawn Big Bubba Putnam. Nevel was undaunted and blew through Putnam with hurricane force winds and defeated him 3-1 which put Nevel in the Hot Seat.

While Nevel sat waiting for an opponent it was Sylver The Texas Terrors turn to take control of the 1-loss side. Ochoa started his veigh for the title in the event by defeating L.D. Coffer 3-2, the winning over KC Joiner by forfeit before he lost to Nevel. When Ochoa hit the left side of the bracket he terrorized his opponents by defeatng Atlanta’s Paul Song 3-1, Detroit, MI’s Kim Bennett 3-2 in a nail biter of a match then in the Quarter Finals he overcame tough odds and defeated former Reno Open Champion Rafael Martinez 3-1. In the Semi’s Ochoa ran into Ohio’s Shawn Putnam and defeated him 3-2 wihich then set Ochoa for a re-match with Nevel in the finals.

In the finals the 1st 2 games were sharerd by Nevel and Ochoa then Nevel storm kicked in and he won the next 2 games putting the single final match which is a race to 5 at a game score of Nevel 3, Ochoa 1. The Texas Terror refused to go down without a fight and quickly came back to tie the score at 3 games each. Nevel won the 7th game and Ochoa won the 8th which set the score tied at 4-4 with only one game seperating 1st and 2nd place in the event. Unfortunately for Ochoa this is as far as he would get. he made 1 simple mistake and Larry quickly washed him away in the final game.


1st. Larry The Truth Nevel
2nd Sylver the Texas Terror Ochoa
3rd Shawn Big Bubba Putnam
4th Rafael Martinez
5/6 Benny Conway JR / Kim Bennett,
7/8 Louis Ulrich,/ Chris The Miz Bartram
9-12 John Schmidt, Ignacio Chavez, Paul Song, Earl Strickland


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