Nevel Creams Billiard Competition

Nevel Creams Billiard Competition
Great Southern Billiard Tour / Fayetteville, NC

by Rick Davis
The Great Southern Billiards Tour swept into King Street Billiards the weekend of February 23-24, where Larry “The Truth” Nevel kept a stranglehold on the 45-player field all weekend before finally taking the title after giving an exhibition in the finals. King Street Billiards hosted the double-elimination 9-ball event.
Late action on the winners’ side had Robert Ray defeat Jared McGee 9-6 then send Walt Bolden west to earn a spot in the hot seat match. Nearby, Nevel blazed past Brandon Pureza 9-3 then defeated Phillip Britt to lock horns against Ray. The fight for the hot seat started even, but Nevel got his game rolling much sooner and quickly took the match 9-5 to become king of the hill.
On the one-loss side tournament director Shannon Daulton was working on a comeback as he ousted Greg Little then McGee and finally slipped past Britt double-hill to reach the quarterfinals. On the other half of the chart Pureza was inching his way through the rounds by knocking out Wendell Thompkins then Bolden 9-5 to catch up with Daulton.
In the quarterfinals, Daulton kept an edge over Pureza the entire match until dispensing with him 9-5 but then hit a brick wall in the semifinals when Ray ousted Daulton just shy of double-hill, 9-7. That left only one match to play as the now-well-rested Nevel defending against Ray for the second time. What was thought to be a tight match at first quickly turned into a shooting exhibition by Nevel, who gave Ray all of about three shots the entire match before closing things out 9-0 with a very loud thud to be heard across the pool room. Once again “The Truth” had prevailed as Nevel added another win to his impressive resume.
1st Larry Nevel
2nd Robert Ray
3rd Shannon Daulton
4th Brandon Pureza
5th Phillip Britt
Walt Bolden


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