Morra Than Ever in Edmonton

Morra Than Ever in Edmonton
Young billiard player John Morra has emerged as the new Canadian hot gun with his victory in Edmonton in the second leg of the Canadian 9-Ball Tour over Eric Hjorliefson (11-5). Morra jumped out to an early lead and he simply never gave it up as he has now proven that his game and his consistency have matured into a threat in any event in which he places his name. Hjorliefson, considered a seasoned champion, never got the opportunities he needed as Morra kept him seated during much of his exhibition.
The final day of the tournament brought sixteen players into the fray to compete for the championship. For some, it was an all too short day. Grant Golaiy made his exit (9-5) courtesy of Brian Butler. Brady Gollan was departed (9-6) by Nick Kruger while Eric Hildebrand was frustrated (9-6) by the shooting of Gary Hauck and Spencer Auigbelle ended the attempt of Jody Thornton (9-8).
But these victors then had to face the sticks of the men who had just been sent over to the one-loss side from the winner’s bracket. Paul Potier proved he still had room to run when he slid by Auigbelle (9-7) and Edwin Montal proved fatal to Garry Hauck (9-5). Our other two men new to the one-loss side would bring no momentum with them as Tyler Edey fell (9-3) to Brian Butler and Jarod Spence failed (9-6) against Nick Kruger. Kruger and Butler then had to face off and Butler prevailed (9-6). The other B side match saw Edwin Montal get to the hill against Paul Potier and Potier won that one (9-8).
By this time the B-side club had welcomed two new members as Eric Hjorliefson inducted Stan Torangeau there (9-6) and John Morra accepted the application of Alain Martel (9-7). These new members didn’t stay long, however, as Torangeau was shown the door (9-8) by Paul Potier after he scratched on the final break shot and Alain Martel followed him out (9-5) at the urging of Brian Butler.
Butler and Potier then merged near the end of the bracket. The merge turned into a crash for Paul Potier as he was cemented in fourth place by Butler (9-3). But Butler’s day was not yet over. He had to face the loser of the A-side final between Hjorliefson and Morra. When Morra won the hot seat (9-5) Hjorliefson went over to duke it out with Butler. Here Hjorliefson earned his right to a rematch with Morra by dismantling Butler (9-4) and tripping the light fantastic back to the show table to flail once again with his nemesis Morra.
Our congratulations go out to our victor, John Morra, and our thanks to the marvelous staff at The Q Club and our sponsors Cineplex Entertainment, Chapters and Indigo Bookstores, Canada Billiards and Bowling, Dufferin Billiards, Simonis Cloth and Aramith Billiard Balls.
1) John Morra $5,000
2) Erik Hjorliefson $3,000
3) Brian Butler $2,000
4) Paul Potier $1,500
5-6) Stan Torangeau, Alain Martel $1,000
7-8) Edwin Montel, Nick Kruger $ 750
9-12) Tyler Edey, Jarrod Spence, Garry Hauck, Spencer Auigbelle $ 500
13-16) Jody Thornton, Eric Hildebrand, Brady Gollan, Grant Goliay $ 300
17-24) Dan Davidson, Carlos Barbosa, Glen Cameron, Phil Quesnel,
Alain Lessard, Bill Ganne, Felix Beardy, Tony Young $ 150


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