Mezz Cues Welcome New Players

Team Mezz USA Welcomes New Members Sarah Rousey, Jennifer Baretta &
Hunter Lombardo

WPBA Professionals Sarah “Heartbreaker” Rousey and Jennifer “9MM” Baretta along with US Professional Hunter Lombardo join top players Mika Immonen, Alex Pagulayan and Marcus Chamat as part of Team Mezz USA.

Sarah Rousey, who finished in 5th place at the 2009 WPBA San Diego Classic, says “I have decided to switch to a Mezz EC7 series because I like the feel and consistency of their products. The shaft I use is low deflection but still has the feel of an original maple shaft. I feel like my arsenal of shots has increased. I can spin the ball in ways I couldn’t before and my confidence in shots has gone way up. With my new Mezz cue I feel like my game is going to rise to a new level. And the Power Break II is unbelievable! I usually break with a lot of Power. But with the Power Break II, I get the same break reaction with less effort. I almost feel like it’s cheating with all the movement and reaction I get out of this break cue!!”

Rousey takes a shot with a bridge at a recent event.

Rousey takes a shot with a bridge at a recent event.

Jennifer Barretta, who returns to the WPBA Classic Tour after taking a year off to spend time with her family, is equally impressed with the Mezz line of products. “Since I’ve started playing with the Mezz AYA series and the Dual Force Break Jump cue I’ve noticed more consistency in my shot making and more power in my break. Both of these cues have amazing balance and the most solid hit I’ve ever encountered.”

Hunter Lombardo recently finished in 4th place on the Seminole Pro Tour. When asked about his outstanding performance he said, “I recently changed to the Mezz [WD700] playing shaft and it’s given me a new lease to want to play more. It’s my first tournament with the new shaft and I’m really happy with the results. It’s one thing knowing what you want, but to finally feel what you want…that’s Mezz!”

Mezz USA Co-Founder and reigning US Open Champion, Mika Immonen says, “After Hunter started using the Mezz shaft, he seems to have found the passion he thought he lost. That seems to be the case with a lot of the players I’ve encountered using Mezz.”

Barretta is another welcome addition to the Mezz Cues group of players.

Barretta is another welcome addition to the Mezz Cues group of players.

“Miki Co., Ltd. has been making cues since 1960 from their very own factory in Japan. The final product we have in our hands today is the testament of 50 years in the art of cue making. It’s no surprise that Mezz Cues is the #1 brand in Asia. We are glad to finally be able to offer the Mezz line of products in the US and the feedback we’ve been getting, from amateurs as well as professionals, has been very positive. We are very happy to have Hunter, Sarah and Jen on our team and to have Mezz be a part of their future success.” says Mezz USA President and current WPBA Professional, Caroline Pao.

Hunter Lombardo currently resides in Florida and can be found competing in the Seminole Pro Tour where he is currently ranked 12th. You can visit Sarah Rousey at; and Jennifer Barretta at;

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