McCloud Cruises to Billiards Victory

McCloud Cruises to Billiards Victory
Tri-State Tour / Summerset, NJ

by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour held their last billiard event of the 2007 calendar year December 29 at One Shot Billiards in Summerset, NJ. This was the first time for the tour to visit this room and it was treated to a talented 32-player field that was owned by Tom McCloud, who went undefeated through the event.
Late on the winners’ side McCloud found himself in the hot seat match against Mario Sahatjian and slipped past him double-hill to become king of the hill. On the one-loss side it was a tight race to reach the final rounds, as Albert Lopez eliminated Danny Cintron 7-6 and Stephen Brush knocked out Duane Toney 7-5. At that point Brush was in high gear with his eye on a comeback, and after drilling Lopez 7-2 in the quarterfinals and then ousting Sahatjian 7-5 in the semifinals, he was on his way to fight for the title.
McCloud was happy to receive Brush in the finals since he had defeated him earlier that day. Although Brush managed to put up a fight, McCloud was offering his A-game and defeated Brush 7-4 to claim the event.
1st Tom McCloud
2nd Stephen Brush
3rd Mario Sahatjian
4th Albert Lopez
5th Duane Toney
Danny Cintron


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