Mark Griffin Makes the Pros an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Mark Griffin Makes the Pros an Offer They Can’t Refuse
Press Release

Billiards industry leader Mark Griffin has announced his intention of promoting new pro events. Due to the current lack of direction, and compounded by leadership that has been unable to protect pool player welfare, Griffin guarantees generating $200,000 plus in added prize money in 2009 billiard tournaments. Plus, he presented players with a plan for continued growth that provides players economic security for their future.

Troubled by lack of genuine sponsorship, players not getting paid at association sanctioned tournaments, ranking snafus, event scheduling conflicts, etc., Griffin agrees that the pros are in worse shape than ever.

When I see the state of affairs for the pro players, it makes my blood boil. I have been around this sport for 45 years. Recent setbacks have sent pro player economic opportunities back to the stone age, fumes Griffin.

Professional sports, take golf for example, have a strong amateur base. Pool is no different. Griffin, as CEO of the BCA Pool League, has 60,000 plus members. This infrastructure offers the pros an opportunity, through cross promotions, sponsorships, and membership drives, where the amateur base can help fund pro events and allow both the opportunity to grow.

As always, there are a few conditions. I will welcome player input, but no entity will tell me what I have to do. We are spending considerable time, and money, on pro player behalf. To protect our investment, and the pros, we will probably have to initiate a new association where player’s ideas and concerns can be addressed.

Mark has a spotless reputation in the industry. His success with the BCA Pool League, Diamond Billiard Products, etc., speaks for itself. He sees the offer as a stable way for pros to make a living.

This concept is, obviously, a work in progress. I had been talking with some of the more high-profile players who had expressed their concerns and, suddenly, this all came to a head and something just had to be done. We all agreed that, by working together, this plan could work.

Hey, I can see that players could even have health insurance in the coming years.
What a concept! Attention pros. So that you can be kept in the loop, please forward your contact info to markg[at]


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