Lau Takes Tri-State Billiard Tourney

Lau Takes Tri-State Billiard Tourney
Tri-State Tour / Parsippany, NJ
by Skip Maloney
Brian Lau completed an undefeated run by besting Guy Iannuzzi in the finals of the June 14-15 Tri-State Tour stop. The $500-added event drew 31 entrants to Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ.
Earlier on Sunday, two Brians—Lau and Cap—had squared off in the hot seat match after defeating Christian Smith and Steven Warnock, respectively, to get there. The Brians won by identical 7-4 scores and then battled each other to a 7-5 win for Lau.
Guy Iannuzzi, on the one-loss side, was on a tear to get back to the finals. Positioned among the final eight on that side of the bracket, Iannuzzi only lost 9 of the next 35 games he played before facing Lau. He and Michael Seas first dropped James Piscopo and Tony Eglesias into the seventh-place slots before advancing a step further, past Smith and Warnock, over from the winners’ side, to meet in the quarterfinals. Iannuzzi backed up a 7-2 win over Smith with a 7-1 victory over Seas to move into the semifinals versus Cap. He dropped Cap 7-1 before turning to face the undefeated Lau.
Iannuzzi lost as many games in the final match versus Lau as he’d lost in the previous five matches it had taken to get back to the finals. The match went hill-hill before Lau prevailed, completing his undefeated weekend.
1st Brian Lau
2nd Guy Iannuzzi
3rd Brian Cap
4th Michael Seas
5th Steve Warnock
Christian Smith
7th Tony Eglesias
James Piscopo
9th Bogie Uzdejczyk
Tri Chau
Carl Sallo
Eddie Medina


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