LaPorte Takes Top Honors in Illinois

LaPorte Takes Top Honors in IllinoisMcDermott All-Around Tour / Galesburg, IL

by InsidePOOL Staff
The thirteenth stop of the 2007/2008 McDermott All-American Tour was hosted by Billiards on Main in Galesburg, IL, Saturday, November 10. The $500-added event drew 26 players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes.
Don Neckel ran undefeated to the finals. In the hot seat match, Neckel slipped past Mike LaPorte 5-3. Earlier in the A-bracket semifinals, Neckel tripped Scott Laird 5-3, while LaPorte eclipsed Bob McGrath 4-4. In the B-side bracket Brad Ogborn ousted Mike Herrera at seventh place, while Joe Vacca eliminated Randy Tenley at the same placement.
In the loser’s quarterfinals Laird toppled Vacca, while Ogborn upended McGrath. In the semifinals, Ogborn eliminated Laird, but Brad Ogborn was, in turn, eliminated himself in the B-side finals by Mike LaPorte 4-2. The tournament finals featured a rematch of LaPorte versus Neckel, with LaPorte having to win two sets to claim the title. LaPorte was up to the challenge, as he turned back Neckel 4-4 and 4-2.

1st Mike LaPorte
2nd Don Neckel
3rd Brad Ogborn
4th Scott Laird
5th Bob McGrath
Joe Vacca
7th Mike Herrera
Randy Tenley


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