Kennedy Demonstrates the Art of Billiards

J. Pechauer SE Open / Gainesville, FL

by Lea Andrews

Attendance at the May 9-10 stop of the J. Pechauer Southeast Open Tour was up from last weekend as competitors eschewed a weekend with Mom for a weekend with the South’s heavy hitters. Dana and Art Rogers, owners of The Art of Billiards in Gainesville, FL, graciously hosted 38 players for the $1,000-added open event, and after two days of undefeated play, it was tournament director Tommy Kennedy who was the last man standing.

Joining Kennedy in the winners’ side final four were Trevor Moore, Randy Simpson, and Bobby Garza, and it was Kennedy and Moore in the match for the hot seat as they sent Simpson and Garza west with scores of 9-3 and 9-6, respectively. Strong amateur player Moore, who had bested Tony “The Sniper” Crosby earlier in the tournament, could do nothing to topple Kennedy, and with a score of 9-1, he got sent left to fight his way back to the finals.

Over on the B-side of the bracket, Crosby and Ron Park were making their way towards each other. With Crosby’s 9-7 win over Don Kreischer and Park’s 9-5 win over Matt Bauries, the two then faced Bobby Garza and Randy Simpson. Crosby put Bobby Garza into fifth position with a strong 9-1 victory, while Park sent Simpson to join him with a 9-3 win. When Crosby and Park met each other in the quarterfinals, it was Crosby who came out on top 9-6.

In the semifinal match, Crosby had his chance to avenge his earlier loss to Moore, but Moore eluded “The Sniper” one more time, moving on to the finals with a 9-7 victory under his belt. It was now Moore’s turn to try to avenge his own loss, but Kennedy, despite his role as tournament director, was all player in the single race-to-11 finals. “TK” delivered the knockout punch to Moore, taking first with an 11-8 win.

Kennedy dominated the J. Pechauer Southeast Tour this week.

Kennedy dominated the J. Pechauer Southeast Tour this week.

1st Tommy Kennedy $800
2nd Trevor Moore $500
3rd Tony Crosby $ 400
4th Ron Park $285
5th Bobby Garza $75
Randy Simpson
7th Don Kreischer $75
Matt Bauries