Jim Murnak Launches Two New Billiards Websites

Jim Murnak Launches Two New Billiards Websites
PoolontheNet.com would like to announce a brand new web design for Jim Murnak Cue Cases, www.JimMurnakCueCases.com (http://www.JimMurnakCueCases.com). Jim Murnak is by far the leader when it comes to custom cue cases. Jim has designed custom cases for Jennifer Berretta , George “Ginky” San Souci, Earl Strickland, and Tony Robles, to name a few. Jim’s work is second to none. Don’t settle for what someone else wants you have when you can have exactly what you want in a custom designed cue case made by Jim Murnak.
Jim Murnak would also like to announce the launching of www.Go4Pool.com (http://www.Go4Pool.com), a website developed by osCommerce, that shows videos of pool matches of all quality levels. Too often player’s images are used to promote pool, but the player is left standing with nothing. Well Jim Murnak has decided to give back to the player. A variety of pool related videos, large or small format, can be viewed for a charge of $1-$2. “For the price of a bottle of water, you can learn something from a pro that will help your game.” says Jim Murnak. The best part of all this is that a large percentage of the money received from these videos will go back to the players and that is how it should be. Future videos will include lessons and interviews from some of the world’s top professionals so stay tuned!
Any pool rooms, pool halls or pool players interested in a brand new web design, PoolontheNet.com is the only place to “Get it Done!” Recent websites designed by PoolontheNet.com include Tony Robles’s Predator 9-Ball Tour, Predator9BallTour.com as well as a brand new website for the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s 9-Ball Tour, JPNewt.com. If you’re interested in Pool on the Net designing your new website please contact Rob Staskowski at rob@poolonthenet.com (mailto:rob@poolonthenet.com) for a free quote.


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