Jeanette Lee Joins Billiards Movie Cast

Jeanette Lee Joins Cast of “9-Ball”

Superstar and international pool champion Jeanette Lee has joined the cast of the feature film “9-Ball.”

Jeanette Lee will star in the movie “9-ball”—which is currently in production—as herself along with being a friend and mentor to Gail, played by Jennifer Barretta. Lee will help advise Gail/Barretta the amateur player who is aspiring to become a professional and a

Lee has joined the cast of the movie "9-Ball" according to a press release from Main Street Productions.

Lee has joined the cast of the movie "9-Ball" according to a press release from Main Street Productions.

Tony Palma the Producer/Director at Main Street Productions who is producing the feature film “9-Ball” has been quoted as saying, “We’re glad to have Jeanette Lee join our cast of “9-Ball” and looking forward to working with her On-Set.” Mr. Palma continues by saying, “Jeanette Lee epitomizes what the feature film “9-Ball” is about, a young woman who overcomes huge obstacles to become a true champion.”


About Jeanette Lee
Jeanette Lee, known throughout the world as “The Black Widow,” has enjoyed one of the most illustrious careers in billiards history. Repeatedly recognized by Billiards Digest as one of the sport’s most powerful people, Lee has claimed more than 30 national and international titles. Formerly ranked as the #1 player in the world, she was named the “WPBA Sportsperson of the Year” in 1998 and has earned Player of the Year honors from both Billiards Digest and Pool & Billiards Magazine. In 2001, Jeanette was the Gold medalist for the United States at the World Games and has also captured Silver twice at the World Championships during her 14-year professional career. In 2004, Jeanette won the World Trick Shot Championships and BCA Open. In 2005 Jeanette won the China Invitational and more recently in 2007 won the World Team Cup, Empress Cup, and the International Skins Billiard Championship with her doubles partner and husband, George Breedlove.

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