Ireland and Luethi Sweep Doubles Billiard Event

Ireland and Luethi Sweep Doubles Billiard Event
Tri-State Tour / Queens, NY

by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour drew in 12 teams for their 9-ball doubles event that took place at Master Billiards in Queens, NY. The team of Jim Ireland and Chris Luethi were unstoppable as they took the event undefeated over the December 1-2 weekend.
Fighting their way to the hot seat match were team Jan Aleria and Marvin Malapit, but they fell just short of team Ireland/Luethi, who defeated them 7-6 to advance to the finals. On the one-loss side the team of Ron Mason and Jimmy Martinez ousted the team of Mike Amaya and Luis Rios by a whopping 7-2 in the quarterfinals but were tripped up in the semifinals, where team Aleria/Malapit eliminated them 7-5.
Back in the finals it was a rematch as team Aleria/Malapit sought revenge from their earlier defeat, but Ireland/Luethi kept just out of reach and once again defeated them 7-6, this time to claim the event.
1st Jim Ireland/Chris Luethi
2nd Jan Aleria/Marvin Malapit
3rd Ron Mason/Jimmy Martinez
4th Mike Amaya/Luis Rios


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